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Marketer Henry Reith uses Digivizer’s SaaS platform to understand what works and what doesn’t in his digital marketing program –[...]

LinkedIn Live Video will be launched this week according to the social network with 600 million users globally. Although LinkedIn[...]

You are a CEO or founder of a business, you have funding, momentum and customers, and your focus is on[...]

One aspect of the ever-growing Digivizer platform is the ability to see all your earned media in one place. That’s[...]

One of the biggest questions, that is constantly on the minds of digital marketers, “If I drive activity to a[...]

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) in Information Technology (IT) companies as large as Google and as small as the smallest startup[...]

Marketers have a big role in driving the creative quotient within their company to achieve business growth. Data can help.[...]

Digivizer recently launched its new platform for Digital Marketers and small-to-medium businesses that allows brands to compare the performance of[...]

When you hear the word Stories you think of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and maybe even WhatsApp but now Google has[...]

Understanding Paid, Owned and Earned is crucial for digital marketers and is a vital component of every marketing strategy. It’s[...]

Not that long ago, media B2B content was clearly divided into news and advertising. The exception was when magazines would[...]

A social media strategy maps out your objectives and your tactics to achieve them on social media. It should also[...]

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