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Don’t just take our word for it. Leading brands around the world rely on the Digivizer Advantage for digital marketing success. From small businesses to global companies, our customers come to us for game-changing insights and data-driven results. 

Helping businesses unite their social, website and paid advertising insights in one dashboard to improve their sales performance

“Digivizer continues to deliver cut-through results for Lenovo in social thought-leadership programs for regional executives, social ambassadors programs and social targeted programs.

All are built on Digivizer’s real-time data analytics platform and insights.”

Nick Reynolds
Global Head of Digital, Web & Social, Lenovo

“We were looking at a way to have one platform that all teams and our senior leadership team could gain visibility over our digital marketing results.

We find the Digivizer platform is easy to use, provides exactly the transparency and real-time insights we are looking for. It has created a lot of positive input into our team decisions around our next opportunities for improvement.

Happy to recommend Digivizer”

Dan Locke
Head of Digital, IMB Bank

“Digivizer’s technology lets us identify key influencers in each of our target segments and clearly understand what our consumers are saying about our brand.

We engaged Digivizer about four years ago as our social media adviser, and the results have been outstanding.”

Terry Ryan
Managing Director, Barilla Australia

“At Optus it’s critical that we align our executive thought-leadership with our business objectives in the enterprise space. We rely on our agency partner Digivizer to do this with us, so that we build and maintain momentum.

Data plays a central role: we use the Digivizer platform to measure performance so that we can continuously understand and fine-tune our programs, to be accountable to senior management, and to plan future communications programs across multiple channels.

Digivizer delivers on content and concept development, and its analytics platform gives us the inside story on what’s working, and where new opportunities might lie. They create cut-through content for our executives that delivers high-impact results.”

Amy Jozing
Senior Communications Manager, Enterprise & Business, Optus

“Digivizer really took the time to understand our member base and how to help us build and deliver a strong social media presence, one that focuses on delivering value to our members. Their content has driven significant growth for us in follower counts and member engagement across all channels, member participation in our annual survey and increased web traffic.

I love that Digivizer is data-driven and that all my team have visibility via their Insights platform into our performance and what content is driving the most engagement so we can invest in doing more of what works. They are so easy to work with and really provide the guidance my team are looking for.

I strongly recommend Digivizer to help your business grow.”

Amanda Linton
CEO, The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

“As an IT person embracing marketing, I needed a way to know what was going on across all our marketing channels. With multiple surf schools and active investments in paid media, Digivizer allows me to track and analyze results for each location to inform our investment decisions effectively.

Understanding the precise search queries on Google has made it super easy to know what content to craft that directly addresses user needs, enhancing engagement and conversions. I feel empowered to make decisions that are returning results quickly.”

Bridget Gallagher
IT Manager, Let's Go Surfing

“With Digivizer it is so easy to connect all our social and paid accounts, and get a total end-to-end view of all our key performance metrics. 10/10 for value.”

Mariette Snyman
Head of Marketing ANZ, IFS

“What I like about Digivizer is that I know exactly what is driving my online sales. Since starting, we have grown our return on advertising spend by more than 500% and seeing ROAS returns upwards of 10. Our overall revenue has grown over 70% in the last 6 months alone.

The insights they share on creative, social, paid media and our website gives me confidence to invest in digital and grow my business. I strongly recommend them.”

Erica Miller
CEO, Ikecho

“Navigating multiple marketing channels was time consuming. I needed a single platform that could provide me with comprehensive insights across all my digital marketing campaigns and content.

Digivizer allows me to track and analyze results for each campaign, with visibility right down to the ad creative that is driving my conversions. This level of visibility on paid media performance, informs my creative and investment decisions effectively.

I highly recommend Digivizer”.

Robert Coorey
Co-Founder & Author of Subscription Playbook

“Having all the main social, search and web data in one central performance platform in Digivizer enables almost instantaneous diagnosis of strategy and decision making on which activity is delivering the greatest ROI.”

Krish Ruban
Head of Marketing, Macquarie Data Centres

“Digivizer is such a great platform. It’s a real time saver in consolidating all your digital channels in one place and in helping you understand and make better decisions.

Plus, I love that it is small businesses price friendly.”

Eliza McGivern
CoFounder, Remarkable Humans

“You know how you used to have to consult multiple apps to get a coherent picture of your social media presence? Digivizer has changed all that for me. It’s now my single-source-of-truth that gives me the insights that are crucial for attracting new visitors and sign-ups to my business.

Digivizer is saving me time and heartache because I finally know exactly what works for my social media.”

Peter Strohkorb
Peter Strohkorb Sales Advisory

“I love that I can see exactly what potential buyers are searching for and what is driving my engagements, conversions and costs.”

John Ullo
Founder & CEO, Elvie Jewelry

“The Digivizer platform provides the ultimate transparency in what we are doing digitally – from organic, earned and paid media to actual web performance. I strongly recommend Digivizer to make data-driven e-commerce decisions that drive performance.”

Craig Schweighoffer

“It’s so powerful to have all our insights in one platform. Digivizer helped us grow our online sales to form a significant part of our revenue and future strategy. Strongly recommend Digivizer for your business, 10/10.”

Robyn McLenann
Founder and CEO, Easy Living Footwear

“The speed at which we see insights enables us to rapidly adjust our messaging to drive greater engagement and outcomes.”

Trevor Furness
CRO, Octopus BI

“We are already reaping the benefits of being able to more effectively search for user-generated content and potential brand ambassadors.”

Anastasia Symons
Brand and Communications Manager, RUOK?

“Since we’re a small and growing business, our marketing needed to be strategic and impactful. Thanks to Digivizer, we’ve completely transformed our digital marketing approach, placing a stronger emphasis on content and website optimizations to complement our investment in paid media.

By harnessing Digivizer’s digital marketing performance insights, we’ve gained knowledge that allows us to optimize our content and campaigns effectively. As a result, we’ve increased quality traffic to our website and have seen an increase in our conversions.

I recommend Digivizer to any business.”

Mario Vesely
Founder & Head Coach, Learn to Paddle Now

“We needed a solution to support our four brands. Digivizer centralizes our digital marketing analytics across our four brands, making it easy to quickly identify what’s working and what’s not across each brand. This empowers us to make informed decisions, and foster transparency and speed of performance among all stakeholders.

Thanks, Digivizer, for simplifying our path to digital marketing growth and success.”

Esther Gegelagic
Group Marketing Manager. Remington Group

“We’re almost operating a family business like one of the big giants. To have that power is amazing. It’s so affordable for small businesses”

Henry Reith
Marketing Director, OhCrap Dog Poop Bags

“Our best revenue in 4 years, thanks to Digivizer real-time insights. Web revenue increased 117%, ROAS was up 324% and web transactions 83%, giving me confidence to make digital investment decisions.”

Remo Guiffré
Founder, REMO General Store

“We achieved 74% share of voice and 39-40% follower growth. Digivizer gives us confidence that we know precisely how content is working for us and what to do more of.”

Thomas Bevan
Digital Marketing Manager, MRI Software

“We know exactly where our marketing dollars are going. We’re getting at least double the leads for the same budget – which is fabulous.”

Gen Davidson & Victoria Black
Co-Founders, Superfastdiet

“Since becoming a Digivizer customer, we have grown the number of online bookings by >400% whilst simultaneously growing our online jewellery sales particularly into new geographic regions. Given we sell high-end bespoke and custom jewellery this is an outcome we are very proud of.

Having real time content, search, search and web insights gives us the confidence to continue to invest in digital.

We could not recommend Digivizer more as an essential part of your marketing mix. 10 out of 10.”

Jason Ree
Master Jeweller

“I strongly recommend Digivizer to all businesses who rely on digital to grow their business.”

Clare Jolly
Head of Marketing, Communications & Customer Experience
“Digivizer is an absolute no brainer if you are trying to get a handle on how to best spend your marketing budget and resources. There is no way we could have developed this level of granularity ourselves.”
Miriam Rihani
Transformation Specialist, Hearsay Legal Podcast

“The Digivizer platform makes everything so simple! 10 out of 10”

Sandy Halpin
Director, Capital Idea

“We strongly recommend Digivizer for their data-driven approach and their technology platform, which really delivers on their commitment to delivering measurable business results. We really see Digivizer as an important part of our growth.”

Michael Griggs
Director, Miller & Griggs

“I love Digivizer as it provides a centralised location for social and search media data and provides good usability and oversight to help my decision making.”

Carolyn Mee
Founder & CEO, Sound Scouts

“Even just looking at one single social platform’s data with Digivizer is really useful. It lets you compare two Facebook ad accounts (run by two different agencies) and sort and filter campaigns – it’s invaluable.”

Nick Mead
Director, Snapfish, Europe & ANZ

“We’ve been using Digivizer as our main analytics dashboard for all our Marketing channels. It saved us a lot of time having to go back and forth between Search Console and native analytics dashboards to interpret data. This has created more visibility across our company.

The integration was super easy and the export function allows us to keep all our major stakeholders and partners up to date, with a press of a button. We don’t need to put together complicated post-campaign reports anymore, Digivizer does it for us.”

Jacquie Garret
Founder & CEO, GGWP Academy

“I like that I can see exactly how my investment is performing at all times so our conversations can be around what we can and should do next… This is refreshing and a key point of difference for me.

Their digital insights and strategy are really driving great business results across all my businesses which is why I strongly recommend Digivizer.”

Steve Brown
Director miRunners, miStable & Kitchwin Hills

“So happy I went with Digivizer’s data-driven digital-first approach. I’ve had so much positive feedback with my new branding and business launch. A much larger competitor said to me “wow, you look like Coca-Cola and you make us look like a hotdog stand by comparison”.

The business and leads that I have gained already has set me up for great success.”

Anthony Mercer
Director, Seaking Solutions

“Performance based marketing requires constant attention and improvement. The Digivizer platform provides a consolidated top down view that allows you to monitor performance at a glance across all your digital channels.

This alone is invaluable, but the Digivizer platform allows an organization to also deep dive into their data and review performance as it moves up and down with ease.”

Patrick Gaskin
Founder & CEO, Cardly

“Was a joy to partner with Digivizer team on some impactful work. An example of what a 10/10 experience looks like!”

Arjun Desai
Senior Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

“As we rapidly grow, we need to have visibility around performance of all our marketing channels in real-time. This helps us determine where resources and investment should be allocated. We tried creating something internally first, then found Digivizer. Everything we needed, straight out of the box, access to all, saving us time and freeing up our internal resources.

The second we connected, we saw immediate opportunities for improvement. It has also created trust and transparency between our agency and ourselves and provides the platform for higher quality, faster and productive conversations and outcomes. We recommend Digivizer to any business investing in digital for growth.”

Peter Gatt
Founder, Hava

“As the Marketing Manager for three major automotive dealerships, Digivizer has transformed our marketing operations. This platform’s ability to consolidate owned, earned, and paid media data into a single interface has been a game-changer in providing visibility and data at a glance. Having a unified view of our marketing efforts has allowed us to allocate our budget effectively and adapt accordingly to a changing market.

Digivizer’s analytics and reporting capabilities provide data-driven insights that allow us to make informed decisions in real-time. It helps us identify high-performing campaigns and optimise our strategies for better engagement and conversion. Monitoring our social media presence is simplified, enabling us to tailor content to our audiences preferences.”

Jackson Berry
Marketing Manager at Penrith City Automotive

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