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Helping businesses unite their social, website and paid advertising insights in one dashboard to improve their sales performance

“Digivizer continues to deliver cut-through results for Lenovo in social thought-leadership programs for regional executives, social ambassadors programs and social targeted programs. All are built on Digivizer’s real-time data analytics platform and insights.”
Nick Reynolds
Global Head of Digital, Web & Social, Lenovo
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“I love Digivizer as it provides a centralised location for social and search media data and provides good usability and oversight to help my decision making.”
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Carolyn Mee
Founder & CEO Sound Scouts

“We achieved 74% share of voice and 39-40% follower growth. Digivizer gives us confidence that we know precisely how content is working for us and what to do more of.”
“Digivizer's technology lets us identify key influencers in each of our target segments and clearly understand what our consumers are saying about our brand. We engaged Digivizer about four years ago as our social media adviser, and the results have been outstanding.”
Terry Ryan
Terry Ryan
Managing Director, Barilla Australia
Easy Living Footwear
"By using Digivizer to test, measure and refine content, the business harnesses every opportunity to engage more customers online and in-store. Social and search data lets them better understand customer needs and respond accordingly. Plus it grows my business."
“Even just looking at one single social platform’s data with Digivizer is really useful. It lets you compare two Facebook ad accounts (run by two different agencies) and sort and filter campaigns - it’s invaluable.”
Nick Mead
Nick Mead
Director, Snapfish, Europe & ANZ
"We are already reaping the benefits of being able to more effectively search for user-generated content and potential brand ambassadors."
Anastasia Symons
Anastasia Symons
Brand and Communications Manager, RUOK?
“We know exactly where our marketing dollars are going. We’re getting at least double the leads for the same budget - which is fabulous.”

“We’re almost operating a family business like one of the big giants. To have that power is amazing. It’s so affordable for small businesses”
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"At Optus it's critical that we align our executive thought-leadership with our business objectives in the enterprise space. We rely on our agency partner Digivizer to do this with us, so that we build and maintain momentum. Data plays a central role: we use the Digivizer platform to measure performance so that we can continuously understand and fine-tune our programs, to be accountable to senior management, and to plan future communications programs across multiple channels. Digivizer delivers on content and concept development, and its analytics platform gives us the inside story on what's working, and where new opportunities might lie. They create cut-through content for our executives that delivers high-impact results."
Amy Jozing
Amy Jozing
Communications Manager, Optus Business

"In a very short time we can see how poor the previous lead generation solutions that get sold to small businesses are. So much previously wasted marketing investment. We strongly recommend Digivizer for their data-driven approach and their technology platform, which really delivers on their commitment to delivering measurable business results. By taking a digital-first approach it has delivered results fast. We have completely relaunched all our websites, social and paid advertising in a cost-effective way and within weeks we were receiving regular quality leads that continue to grow in volume. We really see Digivizer as an important part of our growth."
Miller and Griggs
Michael Griggs
Director, Miller & Griggs

"We've been using Digivizer as our main analytics dashboard for all our Marketing channels. It saved us a lot of time having to go back and forth between Search Console and native analytics dashboards to interpret data. This has created more visibility across our company. The integration was super easy and the export function allows us to keep all our major stakeholders and partners up to date, with a press of a button. We don't need to put together complicated post-campaign reports anymore, Digivizer does it for us."
GGWP Founder
Jacquie Garret
Founder & CEO, GGWP Academy
“I like that I can see exactly how my investment is performing at all times so our conversations can be around what we can and should do next... This is refreshing and a key point of difference for me. Their digital insights and strategy are really driving great business results across all my businesses which is why I strongly recommend Digivizer.”
Steve Brown
Steve Brown
Director miRunners, miStable & Kitchwin Hills

"So happy I went with Digivizer's data-driven digital-first approach. I've had so much positive feedback with my new branding and business launch. A much larger competitor said to me "wow, you look like Coca-Cola and you make us look like a hotdog stand by comparison". The business and leads that I have gained already has set me up for great success."
Anthony Mercer
Director, Seaking Solutions

"Performance based marketing requires constant attention and improvement. The Digivizer platform provides a consolidated top down view that allows you to monitor performance at a glance across all your digital channels. This alone is invaluable, but the Digivizer platform allows an organisation to also deep dive into their data and review performance as it moves up and down with ease."
Patrick Gaskin
Patrick Gaskin
Founder & CEO, Cardly

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