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Social Networks

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Improve your content performance and measure the success of your TikToks. Utilise key metrics, easy-to-digest graphs and period-on-period comparison to optimize your content and grow your TikTok audience!

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Measure video views alongside shares, comments, likes and dislikes to find in-depth viewing trends. Monitor your subscriber levels and stay on top of video content that influences growth.

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See all your LinkedIn posts on one screen, sorted by level of engagement. Fast real-time filtering and period-on-period comparisons give deeper insights into your professional network.

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Track your Instagram feed, Stories and Reels analytics to inform your future #gramming. Measure hashtag trends, conversions and follower growth across any date range.

Meta Logo


Sort Meta (Facebook and Instagram) posts by any metric to see what’s performing best. Examine trends and get insights into content styles that work for your audience.

X logo


See the bigger conversation with insights into retweets, replies and likes. Track follower growth and compare metrics way beyond the limits of Twitter’s in-house Analytics.

Ad Platforms

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Meta Ads

Track your every ad across the growing Facebook Network. Compare campaigns to see which of your ads are delivering the best results in real-time and back through all time.

X logo

X (Formerly Twitter) Ads

Make Twitter for Business work for your business. Track the results of your ad campaigns to customise your message, and figure out exactly when and where to #tweet, and who is worth @ing in the first place.

Amazon Logo

Amazon Ads

Turbocharge your ecommerce strategy and track your ads across the growing Amazon Ad Network. Compare campaigns to see which of your ads are delivering the best results in real-time, and compare against historical data.

Tiktok Logo

TikTok Ads

"TikTok made me buy it!” Extend your ecommerce strategy to include TikTok and track your ad performance on Digivizer. Compare campaigns for data-driven insights, see results in real-time and access historical data.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Ads

Easily sync your ads from other platforms and compare all your display ad metrics by campaign, from adset or individual ad for the best kind of optimization. Sort results by amount spent, objective, CPM, CPE, CTR, CPC and more.

Web Platforms

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics

Get your percentage increase or decrease for any key metric, distilled visually. Connect social campaigns to landing page traffic to revenue and goal completions.

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Google Search Console

Unlock insights about your website’s search engine performance instantly. See which keywords drive traffic, and investigate metrics like Impressions, Clicks and Position. 

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