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About Us

The Digivizer Advantage

Since our founding in 2010, thousands of customers have supercharged their digital marketing and data game with the Digivizer Advantage. We’re constantly pushing forward and evolving as a company, ensuring you get the very best in marketing intelligence and expertise. Entrust us and watch your business thrive.

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Group of marketers sitting around a conference table discussing data on a large tv screen

what we do

Our unique offering

Plug into the power of Digivizer’s real-time digital marketing and data platform to drive greater performance and ROI across your social, search, web content and paid media. Empower your current team to ramp up growth through the clarity of Digivizer insights. And, as a trusted ad, tech, and premium agency partner to major platforms like Meta, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, TikTok, Amazon, and Shopify, we also stand out as the first and only Australian LinkedIn Marketing Partner.

Digivizer is built and backed by a team of deeply experienced and specialized digital marketing experts, high-level agency platform partnerships, and a proven track record with leading brands like Lenovo, Barilla, Optus, illy and IMB Bank to name a few. Tap into the Digivizer Advantage so you can deliver trust, transparency, governance, capability and growth for your company today.

Whether you leverage our real-time insights platform on its own, or add our leading agency services, you’re empowered to choose your own path to success. Be powered by the Digivizer Advantage.


Our platform is the ideal solution for streamlined insights and rapid decision-making across search, web, and social media data, all within one powerful dashboard.

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agency services

We’re more than an agency. We use data to drive results and move the needle, so there’s never any guessing when it comes to your growth.

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Be powered by the Digivizer Advantage

Whether you leverage our real-time insights platform on its own or add our leading agency services, you’re empowered to choose your own path to success. 

It’s our mission to help all businesses grow with confidence that they are getting the most out of their investment in digital marketing

Emma Lo Russo, CEO and Co-Founder, Digivizer

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our values

What we live and breathe

Championing innovation and infinite learning are at the heart of our values

We define success not just by dollars, but also by the happiness of our customers and our personal growth and team collaboration along the way.

Our core values remain constant and inform how we make decisions, how we interact with each other, who we hire and how we respond to challenges.

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Digivizer Advantage - Our Values Graphic


How far we’ve come

We started Digivizer to help businesses find the digital footprint of their existing customers, and those that should be. In the early days, we started advising at the intersection of social media, mobile, CRM and cloud computing. We were ahead of our time in seeing that understanding data was foundational to success and we built technology to deliver meaningful intelligence and data that could be appended to databases.

We then delivered enterprise technology into large social media listening deployments. It wasn’t long, though, until our clients asked us for more than data from us — they needed actionable insights, too. More than that, they wanted us to action it for them.

We realized that to be a truly effective partner to our clients, we needed to offer digital marketing agency services as an option on top of everything else. We quickly achieved top agency partner status with all the major social, search and web platforms. We then launched our technology solution for everyone via a SaaS platform.

Now, businesses can supercharge their digital marketing game with the Digivizer Advantage.


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