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Digivizer’s mission is to help any business, anywhere, get the most out of their investment in digital marketing. 

The Digivizer Partnership Program creates new relationships that broaden this mission, adding value to more organizations in new ways. 

We work with any organization, group, association, individual or person of influence, with a network of businesses or customers that could take advantage of a data-driven approach to marketing.

Why partner with us?

Digivizer Partnerships
Multiple Programs
  • programs for marketing & advertising agencies, tertiary education, professional services, investors
  • referral programs with negotiated referral fees also available
Digivizer Partnerships
Joint Media Announcements
  • joint media announcements
  • shared logos
  • case studies
  • promotions to your customer base
  • joint web presence
Digivizer Partnerships
Exposure For Your Brand
  • new opportunities to sell & market to new target audiences
  • opportunity to partner with Digivizer on special events
Digivizer Partnerships
Product Updates & Expansion
  • continuous product updates & expansion
  • expert tutorials on digital marketing
  • in-platform support
  • access to Digivizer Academy of video & online training

Benefits for you

Benefits for you

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