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Macquarie Data Centres

Improved Macquarie Data Centres LinkedIn Ads Conversions By 7.5x

Macquarie Data Centres LinkedIn Ads Conversions By 7.5x
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With the help of Digivizer, Macquarie Data Centres can now easily make cross-channel performance comparisons around specific metrics like cost-per-click, click-through-rate, cost-per-conversion, and more, across LinkedIn and other channels. This enables better strategic use of all marketing platforms – especially LinkedIn – to meet business objectives. Being able to demonstrate how effective LinkedIn is with data makes a significant difference to future marketing decisions and budgets.
Macquarie Data Centres LinkedIn Ads Conversions By 7.5x
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Krish Ruban,

Head of Marketing at Macquarie Data Centres

“Digivizer helps us get all the data needed to know our customers better, test hypotheses, make granular adjustments and improvements to our LinkedIn campaigns – all from one central platform in real-time.

By integrating Digivizer with LinkedIn Ads, I know what’s working, all the time. Better still, I know why programs perform well.”

Krish Ruban,

Head of Marketing at Macquarie Data Centres

With Digivizer, Macquarie Data Centres can understand which creative executions drive website conversions, including the impact of changes over time.

Macquarie Data Centres can now also detect potential campaign issues in real-time. Marketing teams can respond, changing creative, messaging and ad formats to test hypotheses, optimize performance, fix problems, and more.

Macquarie Data Centre now runs highly effective LinkedIn Ad campaigns that successfully reach its niche international audience.

As a result, Macquarie Data Centres and Digivizer plan new marketing strategies that will explore leverage account-based marketing (ABM) efforts on LinkedIn, across multiple targets and segments, in real-time.

Unlocking real-time insights


The full story

Macquarie Data Centres is Australia’s pioneering provider of sovereign and secure data center infrastructure and colocation services. The company is trusted by over 42% of Australian Federal Government agencies, and by global multinationals, two out of three global hyperscalers and many Fortune 500 companies – in particular when establishing or expanding a local presence in Australia.

Macquarie Data Centres partners with Digivizer to obtain real-time insights that allow it to optimize its campaigns, including LinkedIn Ads.

The original objective has been to establish benchmarks that defined where Macquarie Data Centres was in its digital marketing, and which would act as benchmarks for improvement, mapped to outcomes. As such, this was the start of a test-learn-improve phase, made possible by Digivizer’s real-time insights.

Over the first year, Digivizer’s data and insights enabled Macquarie Data Centres to:

  • Improve conversions on LinkedIn by over 7 times
  • Grow brand awareness and increase traffic to its website
  • Do so with much-improved efficiency that saw costs per click (CPC) drop by 69%, and click-through rates (CTR) almost double

What was the challenge?

Macquarie Data Centres has a specific, niche audience as its target – large international enterprises seeking colocation data center services in Australia.

The challenges it faces include:

  • A high risk of missed opportunities in targeting due to a low-volume group of prospects seeking co-location partners
  • Difficulty measuring performance for multiple buying personas, individually and compared against each other
  • Measuring the impact of advertising campaigns and demonstrating ROI of a curated customer journey, measured using cost-per-click (CPC) to website form fill conversions, across all advertising platforms
  • Replacing limited visibility and outdated insights, to comprehend campaign performance and optimize agency-managed campaigns efficiently
  • Managing reporting cadence is also challenging, particularly when relying on time-consuming manual reporting. This approach had led to difficulties, including conflicting data, when comparing different social and search media platforms.

What was the solution?

Macquarie Data Centres turned to Digivizer to obtain specific multi-channel campaign performance insights, with a focus on LinkedIn Ads:

  • Digivizer’s easy-to-use dashboard provides a 360-degree view of digital marketing performance across multiple social media channels, including LinkedIn Ads, organic and paid campaigns, and across paid search campaigns.
  • The dashboard provides visibility into every aspect of Macquarie Data Centre’s LinkedIn Ads performance down to individual creative execution, enabling the company to customize and optimize campaigns for its audiences.
  • The analytics platform’s reporting automation delivers real-time insights into what works and what doesn’t, enabling rapid campaign optimization adjustments in time for campaigns to make a difference.

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What were the results?

From 2022 to 2023, Digivizer helped Macquarie Data Centres

  • Boost conversions from LinkedIn paid media campaigns by 7.5x in the period.
  • Improve LinkedIn’s contribution to website users from 0.8% to 32% of the total. LinkedIn emerged as the largest contributor to the website traffic in this period for Macquarie Data Centres.
  • Increase clicks from LinkedIn to website by 13x while improving cost-per-click (CPC) by 69% and click-through-rate (CTR) by 73%
  • Drive brand awareness among the target audience by delivering 2.2 million Paid Impressions.
    Accelerate campaign optimization and interventions by tracking and measuring key metrics more frequently, and much faster, using Digivizer.
  • Macquarie Data Centres obtained complete visibility and full-funnel understanding of ad performance on LinkedIn Ads and other channels, to better understand niche audiences’ motivations: these could then be targeted more-precisely, reducing overspend on underperforming campaigns, and maximizing every dollar spent on high-performing alternatives.

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Unlock the power of LinkedIn Ads

Digivizer is LinkedIn’s only Marketing Partner in Australia and there is a reason for that. We drive greater paid media performance that leverages our powerful insights platform. Understand your end to end performance across all LinkedIn organic and paid content and campaigns with Digivizer.

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