In a fiercely competitive market, Dynabook has a unique challenge: to replace a legacy global PC brand built on a strong history of innovation and breakthrough technology (Toshiba) with a new brand that retains and continues to grow that reputation and market share around quality and performance.

Dynabook is especially active in a number of vertical market segments, including education, enterprise, government, specialist business professionals and hybrid workers.

These users seek quality, reliability and performance from their devices, and they are familiar with the hero product lines – including the Portégé, Tecra and Satellite Pro – that are now part of Dynabook’s brand.

To grow the Dynabook brand awareness, market share and sales, Dynabook has embarked on a brand-building program to create new awareness, engagement and growth in consideration and purchasing.

The market needs to understand that Dynabook is new yet proven and trustworthy, new and an industry leader, all under the new brand position ‘The Laptop Experts’.

Driving traffic to its website is a key objective.

Two women sitting at a desk looking at a Dynabook laptop


Annette Horst, Customer Experience Manager for Dynabook ANZ with responsibility for brand awareness and for taking the Dynabook brand to the marketplace, explains the situation as “we need to tell our story, and our customers and prospects need to understand our position.”

The company made a decision early on to double down on digital marketing. It was the start of a new digital marketing journey, with real-time measurement of performance and progress was very important, especially to take the key stakeholders on the journey.

Annette sought to test a number of different approaches around content, creative execution, messages, frequency and audience segmentation, to discover what really lands with audiences, and what makes an impression and drives engagement.

As a B2B only vendor, Dynabook decided early on to focus on LinkedIn as a primary digital marketing channel, to drive traffic to its website. The company continues to also test programs in other platforms, including Instagram, and search, both organically and with Google Ads, to test performance and to create a broader context for its brand across its target markets.


Digivizer provides in real-time the data and insights that allow Dynabook to test, measure, and demonstrate the impact of its investment in social media and digital channels. By doing so, it measures the impact of growing brand awareness in its target markets, and improves consideration by prospects and customers.

Digivizer’s data also allows Annette to provide real-time reports to all key stakeholders for project progress and results. This creates internal confidence about the returns on the investment being made in digital marketing, and creates increased momentum around sales engagement with prospects and existing customers.

Dynabook also uses Digivizer to provide the detailed reports to prove and obtain the OEM co-marketing funding that helps fuel their marketing reach.

By using Digivizer, Dynabook is able to continuously tailor its marketing campaigns, content and messages, and do so in real-time. This removes the alternative approach of waiting for a campaign to end, when it would be too late to adjust or otherwise improve performance.

Now, Dynabook updates its campaigns while they are in market. The outcome is, over time, increased traffic to their website, and improved returns on investment.


Digivizer’s platform creates a single source of truth across multiple social media and search platforms for Dynabook, and presents data and insights in a single view that allows Annette to maximize the returns on the investment being made by Dynabook in budget and resource.

“For me, this single source of truth has a particular meaning,” she says. “I need data that is consistent across everything we do, across all of the channels we use, that creates a consistent picture of marketing performance alongside financial returns.”

From a zero starting point, Dynabook has:

  • Delivered content that has generated over 10 million Impressions, 250,000 Engagements, 50,000 paid media driven visits, and over 200,000+ organic visits to the ANZ website by their desired target audience
  • Delivered ROI on campaign investment and coinvestment from partners
  • Grown its LinkedIn audience by 200% over two years
  • Had its locally developed content picked up and used across global markets
  • Engaged local influencers who have generated over 280 pieces of earned media posts

In one meeting, the value of digital marketing was proved by demonstrating with data that audience Engagement and Impressions outperformed assumptions by a factor of 60.