Things you must do to build your business on social media


Are you wondering where or how you should share your business’ insights and story with the world? Social media is a great place to start, but there are so many platforms to choose from!

Don’t worry – we’ll get you started with what goes where.

Facebook: “I like data!”

Facebook is the biggest platform with the most users – it’s the place for people to share life, whether that be personal, professional or in between. What this means for your brand is that your storytelling has to be apparent in each and every post – nobody wants to scroll back a year in order to find out what you can do!

Hot Tip: make sure you post regularly – you want to constantly engage your followers and spread your company’s message.

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Twitter: “New #insights from my #data!”

Twitter’s 280 character limit means that your message needs to be short, snippy and right to the point. Concentrate on breaking news updates, as this is perfect for time-sensitive posts. Don’t forget to use an array of #hashtags, which users can adopt to talk to your business. Other ways to share content include cards, which allow users to engage with your most crucial content.

Instagram: “Look at my data rainbow #mondaymotivation #charts.”

Instagram is all about visualization – curate your feed to tell a story about yourself. Whether that be by posting interesting charts and company visuals to sharing your business side, or employee antics to show your ‘fun’ side, Instagram is the place to express your company activity. Keep it bright and colorful, and don’t forget that a picture tells a thousand words!

Don’t forget to also take advantage of Instagram Stories. It’s a great way to give behind-the-scenes content with your audience and build trust and authenticity.

LinkedIn: “This data is vital for my business – and yours.”

LinkedIn’s all about the professional side of your business and what it can do. By putting together thought-provoking articles and blog pieces, LinkedIn allows people to see how your business can benefit them. Something to remember is that LinkedIn surfaces articles written from weeks and months ago, so make sure that your articles are relevant for long periods of time. LinkedIn has also recently released video functions, so keep an eye out for that. When it’s rolled out it will be a great opportunity to get creating even more interactive content!

Snapchat: “6 seconds of our data party!”

Snapchat is all about the moment – by instantly sharing photos that disappear, it’s a great way to send out peekaboo insights into what’s going on at the company. Share interesting thing as they happen.

YouTube: “Watch my data come to life in well-edited HD.”

YouTube is for edited videos that showcase the best sides of what you’re doing. Pick and choose your best cuts that highlight what your company’s doing with data. Use voice-overs, artistic shots and interviews to share your business’ insights and story to the world!

How to Get Started

Businesses of all sizes realize the importance of having a social media strategy as a part of their marketing. If you are unsure where to start, seek advise. The internet is a good place to find case studies from your industry and market. Talking to marketing experts in your industry can also help in identifying the right mix for your product or service.

If you have already started on the journey but need help in tracking the performance and optimizing your time and resources, subscribing to our product will do that.

Digivizer is committed to helping businesses understand their digital marketing investments better with data and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

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