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International trade: How Emerging Tech Is Empowering Aussie Businesses

Recently I spoke at an Export Council of Australia and IP Australia event on the global growth opportunities for Australian[...]

In marketing, curiosity is strategic

“Man’s mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimension.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes. This is one of[...]

Before digital transformation comes data and people

I’ve seen many attempts at digital transformation stumble because there were three things missing at the start of the project.[...]

Show me the money. The Revenue Return on Investment is Ultimately What Counts

From Jerry Maguire to today, the revenue return on investment is ultimately what counts – something I was recently reminded[...]

In data-led companies, building people, accountability and capabilities is essential

To be a data-led company, start with people, accountability, capabilities[...]

Are vested interests killing your marketing?

That stakeholders are a forgotten audience within marketing programs may be more common than it should be. I say this[...]

Marketing under the watchful eye of the C-suite

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO. Digital marketing can be seen as a set of levers operated to improve performance.  This[...]

Don’t do more. Do better.

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO Digital analytics changes the way businesses understand campaign performance. It allows marketers to personalize, prioritize[...]

The power of data in driving meaningful change

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO Digivizer has announced a new partnership with Financy.  It’s the latest in a broad group[...]

ChatGPT might create great content: its value still needs to be measured

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO In marketing, performance is everything. It determines the returns on your effort and investments, but[...]

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