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One aspect of the ever-growing Digivizer platform is the ability to see all your earned media in one place. That’s everywhere people have been talking to you or about you, across your social channels. 

Over the past few years, we have designed and developed a platform which allows you to see all your social channels in one view. There’s no need to be ever switching between tabs and windows ever again.

Originally developed just for Digivizer, we now have made this available for all businesses.

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Earned Media Reporting Across Platforms

In the top section, you can select your filters. You can see every platform, or choose which you’re most interested in.

You can also track hashtags you’re interested in – both of your brand name and more hashtags that apply to your brand, areas of influence, or specific campaigns. 

If you want to see more about a certain post, you can click on it and go straight to the platform.

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Earned Media

If you want to take a deep data approach, Digivizer showcases all your platforms in a single table.

You have the ability to view how each of your connected platforms are performing individually or cross-platform, with the option to filter for a particular platform and see only those. 

Like in the image above, you can see everywhere someone talks to, or talks about, you and your brand. This is great for those who want to build their personal brands.

We have taken what was previously hard, time-consuming, delayed or inaccurate, and made it easy to see.

Connect your accounts and start optimizing your influencer campaigns today. 

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Our Platform

We’re working to ensure the best of our technology is made available to all businesses and creators. Sign up for free and analyse your digital marketing data today!

You deserve to get the best out of your digital spend and we have the tools that remove the stress and pain from the process!

We remain committed to serving all businesses. Allow us to serve you!

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