Digivizer breaks free social media silos with all-new Owned Media feature

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Digivizer today announced the launch of its new Owned Media feature, empowering users to gain a unified view of their organic social media performance across all platforms. 

Available to all paid Digivizer plan customers, the feature will help marketers and business owners report on Organic Campaign Performance and discover what truly drives their organic social media engagement and outcomes to make data-driven decisions.

With Owned Media, users can filter by campaign names, keywords or product names to understand the true impact of specific campaigns across all organic social media channels, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X, TikTok and YouTube. They can also view it across multiple accounts for brands who have large numbers of accounts per social media channel.

The feature allows users to discover the content types and platforms that resonate most with their audience, allowing them to tailor their strategies for maximum engagement. 

Additionally, Owned Media consolidates all social media content into one centralized location, eliminating the need to log in to multiple accounts or piece together data in spreadsheets. It also provides a good measure of the effectiveness of branded accounts versus employee or personal accounts and what content is generating the most impact. 

Gain a holistic view of organic social media performance

Emma Lo Russo, co-founder and CEO of Digivizer, said, “Managing multiple social media accounts and channels creates a complex problem: data silos. This fragmented view hinders and slows down effective campaign measurement and strategic decision-making.” 

“We’ve seen businesses struggle with the time-consuming process of manually gathering data from each platform, leading to incomplete data that obscures valuable insights about audience engagement. This disconnected data leads to suboptimal marketing strategies and makes it difficult to accurately measure organic reach across platforms,” said Emma. 

“Digivizer’s all-new Owned Media feature will empower businesses to break free from these silos and gain a holistic view of their organic social media performance, in particular providing an “organic campaign view”, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and achieve their marketing goals. This is something that our customers have asked for and is missing in the native and other platforms.”

“The Owned Media feature is also perfect for Agencies looking to simplify their clients’ campaign tracking. It allows for Agencies to manage all their clients social media content performance across multiple brand and executive channels, and gain valuable insights from a single view,” said Emma.  

Owned Media is available on all Digivizer paid plans, making this powerful tool accessible to businesses of all sizes. All paid plans provide a 30 day free trial, making this new feature available to all triallers immediately.

Learn more about Owned Media and how it can transform organic social media marketing.

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