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Digivizer has launched a new live-streamed series targeted at Small Business Owners, Digital Marketers, and businesses who want to upskill in Digital Marketing.

The live panel discussion and Q&A was hosted by Digivizer’s Head of Creative with a panel consisting of Digivizer’s Head of Digital Strategy & Partnerships and Digivizer’s Head of Paid Performance.

This initiative follows hot-on-the-heels of Digivizer launching their new platform.

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The live stream involved the panel answering questions in real-time from viewers on topics including digital strategy, paid campaign performance and digital marketing trends.

The first question from the online audience was: “What trends do you see in digital marketing over the next 12 months?”

Brian Gibson, Head of Digital Strategy & Partnerships at Digivizer, responded with: “For me it’s going to be things like Instagram Stories that Facebook is throwing effort toward at the moment and improving it as a delivery mechanism.

“LinkedIn Live is definitely another one to keep an eye on. Facebook Groups is going to be a stayer in the next 12 months; a platform businesses are seeing results on at the moment.

“Also, businesses will continue to rely more on their CRM & email databases as social media platforms become both more competitive and more expensive to advertise on.”

Pathum Wanigasekara, Head of Paid Performance at Digivizer, added: “We are hearing this question more and more from our clients.

“From a paid performance perspective, visibility about where our activity is being shown. The biggest question is ‘my performance is great but where are my ads being shown.’ I expect to see more visibility in the coming months.”


Other questions addressed on the live stream included:

  • I get that the reason you would have your brand online is to share your brand but do you have any tips on getting the most out of this activity online to create engagement and achieve sales?
  • Please discuss the difference between B2B and B2C digital strategy and ROI.
  • How often should you indulge in Facebook organic posts? Should we focus on organic stuff too along with paid ads?
  • There are so many metrics to track on each platform. How do I choose what matters to my business?
  • I am starting to put together a bit of a strategic plan for my businesses digital activity – what are some of the most important things I should be including?
  • Are there any free courses/certificates I can get online to kickstart my knowledge on Digital Marketing, that you guys recommend?
  • My website is not attracting many visitors currently. Are there any techniques I could use that might help that – without spending more money?
  • Could you take us through the paid capabilities of the app?
  • What would you suggest the top 3 tips being to grow a social following whilst still promoting my business?
  • With the Facebook live stream, what is the best way to get more viewers and engage with viewers to build more audience to join in the weekly live stream?
  • Should I treat my different social platforms differently? I’m a very active Facebook and Instagram user- but have no experience with Twitter and LinkedIn. Is it worth getting on these platforms? And what can they do for my business and marketing success?
  • What about utilizing HubSpot as a platform or would you suggest their documentation around digital strategy instead?
  • How do you set those KPIs in the first place (how do you decide which are best for your business)?
  • Who is currently doing social really well that’s worth following? I have some awesome ideas in my head but don’t have a clue where and how to start!

Troy Sheather, Video Producer and Strategist at Encore Media, was a participant in the live stream and commented on the value it provided him:

“I enjoyed Digivizer’s Facebook Live this morning.

“I liked the constant theme of analytics. Checking what works, like most popular posts, highest engagement, etc. and then trying to replicate similar.

“Also, having a plan whether it be full-funnel or not. Most of our customers often come with a one-off request for a video but without really putting in place an overall marketing or promotional strategy.

“I liked the fact you were all encouraging a ‘target your audience for each platform, set objectives, produce content, post, analyze then repeat’ kind of strategy.”

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