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Never Go Back: Data Driven Marketing

By Emma Lo Russo, CEO, Digivizer   Where to next in the digital ocean depends on the freedom to change[...]

Are Paid Search and PPC The Same Thing?

PPC is another one of those marketing acronyms that can have multiple meanings. We break down all the most common[...]

How To: Optimizing Amazon Ads

Welcome the fifth, and final, instalment in our series on how and why to use Amazon Ads in your marketing[...]

The Secret Life of Data Analysts with Virginia Wheway, VP of Data, Koala 

On “Masters of Metrics”, Emma Lo Russo talks to Virginia Wheway, VP of Data and Analytics at Koala, about deploying[...]

Turboforte increases sales by 400%

See how Turboforte leveraged Amazon Ads and Influencer Marketing with Digivizer to optimize its marketing, sales and growth efforts.[...]

How to Improve Your Ad Quality Score and Make Better Ads

Discover how you can improve the cost-effectiveness of your paid digital advertising by measuring the right metrics, like your Quality[...]

Amazon Ads’ Slice of the Pie

When it comes to advertising, both in the US and around the world, there is an established duopoly that dominates[...]

ROAS and Why it Matters For Your Business

Learn more about Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) - what it is, why it's important, how to calculate it and[...]

10 Reasons to add Amazon Advertising to your Marketing Mix

Amazon Advertising is the newest tool to add to your marketing mix. Here’s ten reasons why you to invest in[...]

Your Guide to Social Media Targeting

When it comes to social media ads, there are two ways to stand out in the crowded arena of peoples’[...]

Amazon Ads: The Beginner’s Guide

Ecommerce businesses need to consider how to add Amazon Ads to their digital marketing strategy. Here's how to get started.[...]

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey resigns as CEO. So what?

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO, Digivizer   Jack Dorsey’s news marks another milestone in the history of social media, Twitter[...]

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