Why it pays to be data driven in marketing

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Are your marketing campaigns delivering desired results?

In an era dominated by mobile devices and social media, modern consumers are constantly bombarded with brand messaging. This has made people more selective about what they’ll engage in.

If you want to cut through the noise and unite your target audience, you need to be data-driven. Data is the heartbeat of your company. It measures the successfulness of your actions, allowing you to become forward-thinking in your decision-making.

Companies who aren’t incorporating data into their decision-making are sitting on a goldmine of untapped opportunity. Without data, companies risk being unnoticed, not gaining a devoted customer base and missing out on revenue. Companies need the correct data to make astute marketing decisions that drive success.

Five key benefits of data-driven marketing:

  • Targeted content optimization
  • Audience segmentation
  • Enhanced engagement
  • 360 degree view
  • Accelerated revenue

What is data-driven marketing? 

Harnessing data from customer interactions, data-driven marketing seeks to better understand the customer, their activity and their purchase motives. Marketers use data to inform their strategy, increasing the likelihood of their target customers performing desired actions. When more users perform desired actions, a significant increase in return of investment (ROI) is achieved.

Data-driven marketing is especially important for ad campaigns. You need to harness data-driven insights to target the right phrases in ensuring your company doesn’t lose money. Data-driven insights are the fuel you need to create ad campaigns that deliver.

Traditional marketing and data-driven marketing align in the overarching goal to identify audience needs and develop strategies in delivering a product or service that speaks to those needs. Where data-driven marketing diverges from traditional marketing is in the path it takes to understanding consumer needs.

When developing a strategy, traditional marketers depend on their assumptions about their target audience. This approach is deeply rooted in trial and error, where organizations need to implement multiple strategies to find the one that generates desired outcomes.

On the other side of the coin, data-driven marketers unite customers with the right pitch at the right time through data-driven insights. Data-driven marketing obliterates the need to execute multiple campaigns in finding the one that works. This is because data equips marketers with instant, accurate information that can be used to create campaigns which speak to present consumer needs.

Here are the top five reasons why it pays to be data-driven in marketing:

Targeted content

Marketing can feel like guesswork when you’re trying to build an audience from scratch. You can remove a lot of the guesswork through a data-driven approach.

Data driven marketing places the customer at the forefront as it embodies metrics which reveal how customers respond to content. When you know what your customers engage with, you can deliver effective marketing campaigns more consistently.

Data insights can also offer a lens in understanding which audience segments respond well to certain messaging. This allows you to personalize your advertising when targeting specific segments. Understanding what customers seek ahead of time helps you execute marketing campaigns that are more focused and relevant to consumers.


Segment your audience

Customers want to see content that’s useful and relevant to them. But not all parts of your audience want the same thing. To take your marketing strategy to the next level, you need to segment your target markets.

Data can equip businesses with the ability to see how people respond to content on each channel. Marketers can then leverage this insight to create more personalized content and deliver it via the right mediums (e.g. images, blogs, videos) on the right channels.

In better understanding what consumers in each segment want to see, you can significantly reduce the risk of campaign and product failure.

Generate more engagement

Wave goodbye to wasted resources and underperforming marketing campaigns. Data-driven marketing helps you deliver beyond conversion.

When you use data to inform your strategy, you can better understand your target users’ behavior, goals and challenges. This allows you to develop campaigns that make a positive difference.

Knowing what stimulates engagement enables you to continuously deliver content that fosters loyal customers and brand ambassadors. People who enjoy your content will like, share, follow and refer you to their networks. A baseline for growth, data-driven marketing allows businesses to continuously improve marketing campaigns in line with the evolving needs of consumers.

Obtain a panoptic view

When you’re building a brand, you’re constantly pulled in multiple directions and you don’t always have a clear view of the overarching picture. This can hinder your ability to execute sound marketing decisions.

Data-driven strategies enable you to see the whole picture of how your marketing is performing. You can readily identify which campaigns performed well and what fell short. Accessing a panoptic view of your marketing helps you leverage your successes and learn from your shortcomings.


Accelerate revenue

Data can inform intelligent strategies that elevate your business. When you know what works and what doesn’t from the data, you can iron out shortcomings in your marketing strategy. This allows you to create more content that converts, welcoming accelerated revenue (discover how a jewellery brand drove 12x ROAS growth with data-driven insights).

Where to source the data 

Keen to source the data-driven insights you need to create winning campaigns?

Look no further than Digivizer. This digital campaign performance platform allows you to see how your digital marketing programs deliver across all your social, search and paid advertising channels in a single view.

With digital performance insights from Digivizer, users can readily discover who’s talking about them, their impressions, engagement rates, video views, click-through rates, conversions and dollars spent. These insights then become the fuel that forms improved marketing strategies.

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