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The Top 10 Keyword Analysis Tools for SEO in 2024

A website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is only as strong as the keywords that inform it. Targeting well-researched keywords is[...]

Unlocking the Power: The Role of Keywords in SEO

Search engines shape the way nearly all users interact with online content. Accounting for 68% of all internet traffic, they[...]

In data-led companies, building people, accountability and capabilities is essential

To be a data-led company, start with people, accountability, capabilities[...]

Are vested interests killing your marketing?

That stakeholders are a forgotten audience within marketing programs may be more common than it should be. I say this[...]

Mastering B2B LinkedIn Strategies: Insights From Our Webinar

LinkedIn is a powerhouse platform for B2B marketers, offering unparalleled opportunities for engagement, branding, and lead generation. In our recent[...]

Proving the performance of marketing programs for Dynabook

Challenge In a fiercely competitive market, Dynabook has a unique challenge: to replace a legacy global PC brand built on[...]

Why Insights-Driven Marketing is the Key to Building Stronger Brands for Enterprises

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, building a strong and resonant brand is a key goal for enterprises. A[...]

Simplifying Marketing Insights for Multi-Brand Enterprises

Enterprise-level organizations face a unique challenge in the business world when managing multiple brands, marketing channels, across multiple stakeholders. With[...]

Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2023

Without an effective campaign strategy, creating LinkedIn ads can feel overwhelming. You’re unsure what content to include, who your target[...]

Marketing under the watchful eye of the C-suite

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO. Digital marketing can be seen as a set of levers operated to improve performance.  This[...]

Don’t do more. Do better.

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO Digital analytics changes the way businesses understand campaign performance. It allows marketers to personalize, prioritize[...]

The power of data in driving meaningful change

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO Digivizer has announced a new partnership with Financy.  It’s the latest in a broad group[...]

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