How To Check the Keyword Ranking of Your Website

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You can’t properly invest in the success of your website without first having a comprehensive understanding of its keyword rank. This fundamental aspect of any SEO strategy directly supports the primary goal of enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines. 

Now, to illustrate just how vital this principle is, we’ll delve into the intricacies of checking the keyword ranking of your website, exploring why it matters and how you can leverage the insights gained.

Why Keyword Ranking Matters for Your Website

Where your website falls among search engine results will directly impact its visibility to potential visitors. And, with nearly 950 billion Google searches this year alone, where you rank, matters. When users search for specific terms related to your content, you want your website to appear at the top of the list. 

This is where keyword ranking becomes crucial. The higher your website ranks for relevant keywords, the more likely users are to click through to your site.

Consider how you use search engines today: when presented with a list of search results, you’re far more likely to click on one of the first few links. Really, who even gets to page two on Google anymore? So, if your website is not among these top results, you may miss out on valuable traffic. 67.6% of it, to be precise

Additionally, high rankings in search engine results contribute to the credibility and trustworthiness of your website. Users often associate top-ranked sites with authority and reliability. When selecting between you and your competition, this perception can be a deal breaker.

Tools and Methods for Keyword Rank Tracking

To effectively monitor your website’s keyword rank, Digivizer provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. 

By connecting your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to Digivizer, you’ll unlock insights into the keywords your site ranks for, revealing user behavior, site interactions, clicks, impressions, average CTR, and position.

Digivizer’s dedicated Search Query Tracking feature offers detailed keyword performance metrics, including position tracking, search volume analysis, and competitor comparison. 

This holistic view of your website’s keyword landscape empowers you to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Exact Match Search Queries Driving the most clicks

Interpreting Keyword Rank Data

As a multi-faceted analytics platform with powerful SEO capabilities, Digivizer offers two vital perspectives for understanding your website’s search performance:

  • Exact Match Search Query Driving The Most Clicks emphasizes the single search query generating the highest clicks. It reveals where you are winning, indicating alignment with your strategy or areas needing attention. Key metrics include impressions, clicks, CTR, and position.
  • Performance of Keywords You’re Tracking provides an aggregate view of all tracked keywords, offering insights into their broader usage. Metrics include impressions, clicks, CTR, and avg. position. Leveraging this data enhances content and ad performance for greater conversion.

Analyze just one (or the other) depending on the specific insights you’re looking to uncover, or regularly review both to gain the most comprehensive view of your keyword rank data.

Improving SEO Based on Rank Insights

Armed with insights from keyword ranking data, you can make informed decisions to boost your website’s SEO. For one, you can focus on optimizing pages that target keywords with lower rankings by incorporating them strategically into your content. 

You can also consider on-page optimization techniques—including title tags, meta descriptions, and relevant content updates—to further enhance your search performance.

When it comes to search, the targets you’re aiming for can often be moving. By regularly monitoring your keyword ranking,  you can more easily adapt to changes in search engine algorithms and stay ahead of the competition. 

Stay proactive in refining your SEO strategy based on the evolving landscape of keyword rankings.

Track your keyword rank with Search Query Tracking

Unlock Your Search Performance

With  Search Query Tracking, Digivizer helps you unlock your search performance and identify key search queries you can leverage to enhance your website and your business performance. By connecting GA4 and Google Search Console, you gain easier tracking of search queries, allowing quick identification of organic search opportunities.

The search query insights provided by Digivizer enable you to discover new search opportunities, analyze search impressions, compare click-through rates, and measure the impact of your SEO investment over time. The platform also offers transparency in search insights for your entire team, providing access to everyone working on content without requiring expertise or technical skills.

With Digivizer, you can make detailed period-on-period comparisons quickly, track web metrics against customizable date ranges, and access real-time insights. Businesses of all sizes can harness the power of search query data and insights, making informed decisions without breaking the bank.

Understanding and monitoring your website’s keyword ranking is not just about data; it’s about empowering your SEO strategy and driving meaningful results. With Digivizer, you have the tools and insights needed to propel your website to the top of search engine results.

To experience the power of Search Query Tracking feature for yourself, sign up for a free trial today.

Note, our Search Query Tracking is available on all paid plans. All our plans include 30 days of historical search, social and web performance data based on the accounts you connect, all downloaded within a minute.

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