Search Query Tracking

Unlock your search performance

Identify and track the key search queries for your business over time. Know what content your customers are searching for and measure how and what content is driving valuable traffic to your website. Everyone in your team can strengthen their SEO impact and access search insights from one easy to use social, search and web insights platform. 

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Search Query Analysis

Discover new search opportunities

  • Connect GA4 and Google Search Console for easier tracking of  search queries driving your website traffic. 
  • Quickly identify the organic search opportunities your business should add to its content strategy. 
  • Generate web traffic with search query research including search impressions, click-throughs, CTR, search page ranking position and position change.
  • Track your performance against these metrics over time to measure the impact of your SEO investment.

Google Analytics

Google Ads

Google Analytics 4

Google Search Console






Amazon Ads


Microsoft Ads

Search Queries

Find the search terms actively driving to your site and monitor their impact, from click to CTR and position.

Measure SEO Improvements

Track position increase or drop on current and potential key search terms to determine where to invest resources.

Connect the Dots

Compare paid, organic and earned web traffic from one platform to get a complete view of lead generation.


Search insights for your entire team

  • Provide access to everyone working on content.
  • No expertise or technical skills required.
  • Use trending search queries to develop relevant content.
  • Identify what customers are searching for and what they really care about.
  • Use search query tracking to prioritize resources against the volume of what customers are searching for.
  • Easily identify and share real-time search data to promote trust across your business.
  • Select which search queries you wish to track performance over time.
Simplified Comparisons

Make detailed period on period comparisons quickly across volume of impressions available to you, amount of click-throughs you have received, Click through rates, page ranking and page ranking movements.

Date-Specific Data

Track web metrics against customisable date ranges that work with your business needs.

Real-time Insights

With data pulled daily via custom API’s, you can compare any period and make quick decisions based on accurate data.


Data at your fingertips

  • No need for expensive tools with limited usage or expert search knowledge. 
  • Businesses of all sizes can harness the power of search query data and insights.
  • Make informed search and paid media decisions without breaking the bank. 
  • Connect SEO search content insights to your social, paid search and website strategy and investments.
Multi-Channel View

Centralize all your social media, search and web analytics within one platform - including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, TikTok, Amazon, Youtube, and X (Twitter).

Analytics with Accuracy

Get traffic source attribution to 99% accuarcy with Digivizer (only 37% with Google Analytics).


Invite team members and clients into your Brand Space to build trust, be transparent, and bring digital marketing governance.

Unleash Your Marketing Potential with Digivizer

Harness actionable insights from all your web, social, search, organic, earned and paid media. No complex setups or extravagant costs – just immediate, straightforward clarity.