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What people are saying about the Digivizer platform

Digivizer recently launched its new platform for Digital Marketers and small-to-medium businesses that allows brands to compare the performance of[...]

Google Takes Aim At Facebook & Snapchat With YouTube Stories

When you hear the word Stories you think of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and maybe even WhatsApp but now Google has[...]

What is Paid, Owned and Earned Media | The Digital Marketing Mix

Understanding Paid, Owned and Earned is crucial for digital marketers and is a vital component of every marketing strategy. It’s[...]

6 tips for creating awesome B2B content

Not that long ago, media B2B content was clearly divided into news and advertising. The exception was when magazines would[...]

How to Create a Social Media Strategy For 2019

A social media strategy maps out your objectives and your tactics to achieve them on social media. It should also[...]

Working Effectively With The Media – Things You Need To Know

Public relations (PR) is much more than solely engaging with journalists, but for many organizations working effectively with the media[...]

6 Ways You’re Probably Doing Influencer Marketing Wrong

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on individuals who are the ‘tastemakers’ of their industry. They have[...]

How to start your data-driven journey post-GDPR

Remember the kerfuffle that came with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that became law earlier this year? Essential[...]

Review all your paid reporting in one place

At Digivizer, we are adamant in helping businesses in doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t –[...]

Everything small businesses need to know about SEO

Author: Brian Gibson / Head of Digital Strategy & Partnerships at Digivizer What do small businesses need to know about[...]

How to Successfully Sell on LinkedIn

Author: Ryan Stott / B2B Social to Sales Specialist at Digivizer Social Selling has been a trending buzzword for some[...]

Does Ad Placement Optimization actually work?

Author: Pathum Wanigasekara / Head of Paid and Optimization at Digivizer Automatic Placements are recommended by social platforms to extend[...]

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