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How we achieve continuous learning in a fast-paced workplace

Author: Rob Sharp // Head of Engineering at Digivizer At Digivizer we only want to celebrate and work with smart,[...]

Digivizer Updates: Influencers, Content Creators and everyone can now easily track their personal social media accounts

What’s new in Digivizer? You can now connect your personal Facebook profile to the platform, right alongside your Twitter and[...]

Facebook’s new image format finally launches

Author: Jordan Schofield / Paid Media Specialist It’s been a long time coming Digital Marketers, but the day is finally[...]

Why using Google Analytics is crucial to Digital Marketers

Author: Brian Gibson / Head of Digital Strategy & Partnerships I recently presented on the key things digital marketers need[...]

3 Hacks To Improve Your Writing

Once upon a time, the only people in business who had to worry about writing content were in advertising &[...]

5 Strategies That Should Underpin Every Digital Marketing Plan

Author: Alan Smith / Head of Strategic Business Communications New research from the Pew Research Center leads with the headline that:[...]

New Facebook Ad Placement: Facebook Stories

Author: Jordan Schofield / Paid Media Specialist Facebook released some compelling data points last month: “68% of people say they[...]

Digivizer Updates: You can now see your most popular posts by engagement

We have some very exciting updates in our platform! From the moment you sign up for your free trial, you can[...]

Digivizer’s award-winning digital marketing platform now available to all businesses

At Digivizer, we have always been passionate about ensuring that the very best of technology is available to every business.[...]

Is content marketing more than just a buzzword?

Content marketing might be in danger of becoming as overused as “synergy”, but it’s for good reason. ‘Marketing with content’[...]

20 stats that prove why “good” won’t cut through the noise

People always say “good is the enemy of great”, and that’s never more true than in Content Marketing. Do you[...]

The secret to making better, faster decisions in your business

For companies with thousands of employees, it’s usually the work of years to change the tide. But for startups and[...]

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