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Are you wasting half your digital spend?

An AlixPartners study recently found that global consumer product companies in 2018 wasted $50 billion, or more than half their[...]

Speed understanding versus speed reading

Want to actually understand how your social and search are performing? And in a matter of seconds? Here’s an express[...]

Hungry for some hacks to improve your business?

Do you feel there is still a lot to learn in business? Unless your last name is Zuckerberg or Gates,[...]

Glance marketing

Do you have a lot to do today? Are there several sticky notes seemingly screaming at you on your desk?[...]

LinkedIn leading to leads

Is your personal brand networking as hard on LinkedIn as you are offline? If not, then you are not making[...]

Rebooting reporting

Are you one of the many digital marketers suffering from reporting related anxiety? You are not alone. With the social[...]

Rockend collaborates with Digivizer to grow brand and market share in the disrupted world of real estate

Rockend is one of Australia’s leading property management software companies. At the forefront of real estate management systems for 40[...]

Understanding the True Value of Organic Media and Why You Should Invest

We know that acquisition is rarely gained via one silver bullet message.  It requires multiple touchpoints to take someone from[...]

Key Metrics you Need to Consider When Measuring Marketing ROI

In marketing, time spent creating content is important, it sets the scene for how your brand is being viewed and[...]

How Instagram hiding likes will impact marketers and influencers

When Instagram announced its decision to hide Likes last week, its users were alarmed. The debate was widespread on Instagram[...]

The 5 Levers To Pull in Every Marketing Campaign

Think of a digital marketing campaign as a machine for traveling from where you are now to where you want[...]

Digivizer expands social platform coverage and influencer tracking

Digivizer continues to add more metrics, platforms and functionalities to help marketers and businesses make better decisions about their digital[...]

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