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10 Rising Jobs in Paid Social

Just as social media algorithms and strategy change all the time, so do social media job titles, descriptions and responsibilities. [...]

10 Steps to Create Amazing Paid Social Media Campaigns

It’s time to talk campaign strategy. What are the key steps to creating an epic, results-oriented ad campaign on social[...]

Your Guide to Social Media Ad Algorithms

In 2020, you can make social media algorithms work for you and get your ads to show up in more[...]

What is Paid Social Media?

Paid advertising is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. But what actually is it? What are the benefits[...]

Organic vs Paid Social: What’s Better?

Whenever there’s two of something, there is debate about what gets more bang for your buck. So what’s better -[...]

Social Media Ad Formats – Your Complete Guide with Examples

Whether you’re new to social media advertising or a seasoned specialist, this guide will help you navigate the wide variety[...]

Keeping your cows purple by feeding them digital grass

Back in 2002, in the now-mythical early era of digital and online marketing, marketing guru Seth Godin published his best-seller,  Purple[...]

USYD embraces power of digital insights

Marketing students at the University of Sydney are measuring the performance of digital and social media projects using the Digivizer[...]

Is your business and marketing ready to deal with the Coronavirus?

Brian Gibson, Head of Digital Strategy & Partnerships, Digivizer As the Coronavirus (COVID-19), now a pandemic, spreads across the world,[...]

Celebrating Diversity, Inclusion and Equality every day

Following International Women’s Day that celebrates and highlights the successes of women who overcome the challenges and obstacles that still[...]

Retailers must embrace social analytics to survive

Within 24 hours last week, Jeanswest entered voluntary administration, and headphone giant Bose revealed it will shut all retail stores[...]

Digivizer adds Shopify to its list of supported platforms – making it easy for you to get your business where you want it to be

Retailers know all too well that hard work and having a good product are not enough to guarantee success in[...]

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