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Driving & understanding organic search performance now made easier, quicker

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Instant SEO page ranking & changes for any period

Sydney, 9 February 2020: One of the best investments marketers can make is producing relevant content that resonates with audiences.  

Until now, understanding whether organic search is performing has been time-consuming, requiring specialist skills.

Digivizer has removed this complexity, adding new organic search analytics features to its platform, to make it easy for marketers to find, understand and act on search results.

“Great content helps build brand, consideration and conversions. Poor content that is not seen wastes budget and resources. Worse, it encourages prospects to go to competitors,” said Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer.

“Marketers want to answer search questions in ways that are relevant to customers, that are cost-effective, and which remove friction from the purchase process. They want to optimize content, which search engines reward. What counts is having content ranked first, or as close to first as possible, on page one.

“Most of all, marketers want to know where to invest in content based on the size and scale of the opportunity, and then measure how content is being seen or discovered by customers and prospects.

“Digivizer helps them do that by making it as easy as possible to find and understand the information they need about content performance. Marketers can now make quick decisions with confidence. Prospects and customers see better content at the top of their searches. That’s a win for the marketer and a win for the consumer.”

Instant insights, real-time performance improvements

Digivizer makes it easy and fast to get this information – with a quick connection of Google Analytics and Search Console to the Digivizer platform. Digivizer then displays content position and ranking on search page returns, and changes in position and rank, over any period of time.    

Marketers can see what their search term performance is and act immediately on that information. 

They can create a performance benchmark before a new campaign, and compare search performance as they deliver that program.

They can easily search for the largest number of impressions for any number of search terms (including the most-popular and most-used search terms). They can then create content that talks to those search terms, measuring changes to search ranking on the fly.

They can also assess the impact of changes to content. If search ranking drops, they can immediately refine content, and test and measure again.

Digivizer places these SEO performance measurements alongside other measurements. These include click-through-rates, clicks and impressions. Marketers can compare, from a single dashboard, search ranking (the capturing of the prospect’s attention) and intent (whether they are answering their needs) – all in real-time.


About Digivizer

Digivizer, founded in 2010, is Australia’s leading digital marketing analytics technology and activations company. Its digital insights help businesses get better results from their digital marketing, across owned, earned and paid media, in social, search and web performance. Digivizer gives businesses the information they need to make better decisions and improve their marketing ROI. 

Digivizer’s digital insights are available through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform affordable to any business, and add-on digital marketing services. 

Digivizer is an ad, development and technology partner of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, and is a marketing and agency partner to Google and Facebook.  It is also a partner of start-up venture capital investors Investible and Remarkable, and of global online retail platforms Shopify and BigCommerce.

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For more information: 

Alan Smith, Head of Strategic Business Communications, Digivizer. 
Phone: +61 404 432 700. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @alansmithoz   

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Digivizer adds instant SEO page ranking and changes to its digital performance platform. Source: Digivizer.