Digivizer improves accuracy about traffic to websites by removing inherent bias of platforms

New Digivizer feature improves accuracy of sources to websites from 37% to 99%

Sydney – 22 July 2021  – Digivizer has added a new feature – called Traffic Source – to its real-time digital analytics platform that fixes the inherent bias embedded in the accuracy of the classifications in the data provided by Google.

The insights, and the new feature, are the result of six months of development work by Digivizer.

“Because we measure and analyse the performance of all the major social media platforms, Google and YouTube, and compare where traffic – leads, customers and converted sales – comes from, we discovered inconsistencies across the claims around attribution,” said Emma Lo Russo, founder and CEO of Digivizer.

“This bias is not helpful to digital marketing and sales teams, directors and CEOs. In particular, smaller companies don’t have the resources or expert knowledge needed to work through these inconsistencies. 

“What they need are accuracy and impartiality.

“The Digivizer team has improved Google Analytics’ accuracy in determining the source of traffic to websites. We have invested in a live classification engine that has been trained and validated by internal and external data specialists. As a result, the accuracy about the source of a click-through to a website is now 99%.  

“And now we’ve made this automated classification available on our platform.”

Digivizer estimates that the original accuracy was 37%. This level of uncertainty was compounded when attempting to compare sources with social media platforms.

Businesses can now see exactly where visitors to their websites, and those transacting there, have come from, with an accuracy that has improved by about 168%.

Insights also include where people have come from before transacting – for example,  visiting a page, completing a goal, or making an ecommerce sale.

Also clearer are whether these are new or known customers, and the numbers converting.

Multiple goals and conversions can be sorted by importance, so that performance can also be compared across sources such as social media channels, search, or email.

“Businesses deserve accurate data that makes sense, is affordable and accessible,” said Emma Lo Russo. “Having to spend ridiculous amounts of time or dollars for reports that are difficult to understand and often late is unacceptable.

“We remove complexity, guess work, expense and delays, improve accuracy, and add accountability to digital marketing and sales data, and do all of this in real-time. Everything Digivizer does helps businesses make every dollar and hour of investment work harder in delivering sales.”

John Ullo, Founder of Elvie, an online personalized jewellery business said, “Before moving to Digivizer I had looked at other analytics tools, but they were overly complicated to use or lacked key information.

“With Digivizer, I can see exactly what potential buyers are searching for, the content and campaigns capturing their interest, what is driving my engagements, conversions and costs, all in the one platform.  

“We have saved time in being able to quickly grow sales, and the return on advertising spend.  The ability to easily explore, investigate and test proves the value of insights driving our strategy, investment and returns.”


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Digivizer’s Traffic Source removes the bias inherent in social media and Google search data, and improves the accuracy about the sources of web traffic by 168%. Picture: Digivizer.


Analysis by Digivizer of the accuracy of traffic sources to websites discovered bias and inaccuracies that were compounded when attempting to compare this information across multiple platforms. Digivizer has improved this accuracy by 168%, a feature now part of its digital analytics platform for businesses. Source: Digivizer.
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