Digivizer adds more share of search and conversion insights to marketers’ digital performance picture

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New digital marketing analytics features add web, SEO performance and digital sales conversion insights

Sydney, 21 September 2020: Digivizer continues its roll-out of analytics insights in its SaaS platform with a set of Digital Marketing Analytics features to give marketers new web and SEO performance and conversion insights.

The web performance tools are fully integrated with the platform’s existing organic, earned and paid social and search media analytics features, and come as standard. 

Any marketer running or managing digital programs with content on their own website, or driving traffic to their website through social media and search, can measure the returns on that effort and investment within a single dashboard view.

“We’ve seen more businesses of all sizes increase their digital marketing efforts during COVID-19, and they all seek a much stronger return for their investment from that marketing effort,” said Emma Lo Russo, CEO and co-founder of Digivizer. “With all their social, search and web platforms connected to Digivizer in just minutes, and with real-time cross-platform data insights continuously being analysed, business owners and marketers have everything they need to measure digital performance and ROI in one platform view. 

“The other promise we continue to keep is to make this affordable to any company of any size. Recent Google & Forrester Research states that while 84% of decision-makers considered cross-platform analytics “critical” or “very important,” only 43% actually use cross-platform analytics tools. According to the research, they cite complexity and cost as reasons not to. This is the problem we are solving. Digivizer makes cross-platform analytics easy and affordable, for any organization investing in digital marketing content, influencer engagement or paid advertising.

“One of our e-commerce customers has seen its digital sales grow 252% over the past five months,  because it knows where to deploy its precious marketing budgets exactly where they deliver the best returns. We’ve seen this type of growth from a number of users when they first start using  our platform because they are seeing the data for the first time, in real-time. Those that continuously test and optimize their budgets across all their digital channels are those that grow the fastest, for the lowest cost-per-acquisition.”

The new Digivizer web performance measurements include a brand’s share of available search traffic, easy sorting of the search terms that drive traffic to their website, the pages that are most-popular, instant views of revenue performance, goals, cost-per-conversion and conversion values, by platform or period set by the marketer.  

The Digivizer platform also shows marketers the search terms used most by customers, clicks through to the website, and how the position on the search page influenced this traffic. Transactions, Goals page views, average time on page and bounce rates are also captured.

The Digivizer platform also recognizes and displays paid campaigns’ local currencies.  Marketers running separate currencies across multiple countries can choose to set up separate ‘brand spaces’ per country, and switch between them to see a per-country view.

All plans start with 30 days’ free data, and a further 30 days’ free usage with the standard plan at US$89 per month with no lock in. 


About Digivizer

Digivizer, founded in 2010, is Australia’s leading digital marketing analytics technology company. Digivizer helps businesses get better results from their digital marketing, across owned, earned and paid media, in social, search and in web performance, by giving them the information they need to make better decisions and improve their marketing ROI. 

Digivizer’s digital insights are available through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform affordable to any business, and if required, add-on digital marketing services. 

Digivizer is an ad., development and technology partner to the major social and search platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, and is a marketing and agency partner to Google and Facebook.  It is also a partner of start-up venture capital investors Investible and Remarkable, and of global online retail platforms Shopify and BigCommerce.

30-day free trial plans are available at https://app.digivizer.com/register.


Digivizer is at:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Digivizer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Digivizer
LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/company/digivizer
Instagram: https://instagram.com/Digivizer/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/digivizer
Web: www.digivizer.com

For more information: 

Alan Smith, Head of Strategic Business Communications, Digivizer. 

Phone: +61 404 432 700. Email: [email protected]. Twitter: @alansmithoz   

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Picture caption: Digivizer has added new digital marketing analytics features around web, SEO performance and digital sales conversion insights to its real-time digital marketing analytics platform. Picture: Digivizer. Picture file available on request.