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Picture of Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer
Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer

by Emma Lo Russo, CEO

Digivizer has announced a new partnership with Financy

It’s the latest in a broad group of partnerships that increasingly embrace organizations as diverse as LinkedIn and the ACS, fractional CMO marketer Neal Schaffer, and Austrade.

This is a deliberate strategy by Digivizer, one that demonstrates the true power of how data can inform meaningful change – whether that’s change in attitudes to others, change in the way brands engage with customers, or changes to revenue growth.

With Financy, it’s change around meaningful diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), what Financy CEO Bianca Hartge-Hazelman calls “moving beyond public relations lip-service”.

I’ve known Bianca for a number of years. We both have a passion around how important transparency is in measurement and governance, in bringing visibility to true performance, and how it can bring about positive change.  For Bianca it is DEI, for Digivizer it is digital marketing effectiveness – and together we can help organizations strive for greater performance based on the right measures and drivers.

Data will play a crucial part in Financy’s success, on two levels. Its own solution, Impacter, which measures and manages the progress of organizations’ DEI programs and performance, will also use Digivizer to measure its marketing impact in social, search, web and customer conversions. Alongside that, Digivizer can provide the same organizations with insights into how stakeholders engage with these programs and the organization in its entirety, in particular in measuring the performance of how these programs are communicated.

Three things are at play here: 

  1. providing genuine governance and single-source of truth in their organizations
  2. putting change into practice, and 
  3. communicating that change to market. Both aspects have to be understood to create accountability and to allow organizations to position themselves in their markets as being leaders.

Being able to provide hard data on what’s working and what isn’t around programs creates the proof points needed to generate the right discussions and culture for change.

Elsewhere, our partners reflect a broad range of audiences, markets and opportunities for using data in powerful new ways. 

The common thread in the partnerships we develop is the desire to free management and budgets so that both can focus on delivering outcomes that have greater impact.

Digivizer has a number of partnership options: Referral, Business Advisory, Certified Expert, Industry, Education, and Technology & Marketing.

If you see value in how marketing performance data can aid and promote growth in customers or members, please review our Partnership Options.  Contact us here.

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