Why use TikTok for business


Be where the action is.

As the most downloaded app worldwide in 2021, TikTok encapsulates a lucrative opportunity for businesses to widen their reach and increase community rapport. 

With TikTok, businesses can diversify their content, be creative with short-form video, and seize real-time interaction with users. In a world where people are hungry to connect with the face behind the brand, real estate on TikTok is the cream all the cats want.

Equal opportunity for success

Part of the appeal of TikTok is that the algorithm affords users with an equal opportunity to score a viral hit. Even new users, who may not have a huge following, can garner huge organic growth.

As an example, Hilton Hotels, with only 4,700 followers, accrued over 2.2 million views on one of their videos. TikTok has the potential to help brands find their audience quickly as well drastically improve the reach they have, compared with other platforms.

Jack Hudson, head of goto.game also vouches for TikTok as a way to radically accelerate brand awareness, “I personally work with a number of brands as a gaming creator as well as lead other brand activations engaging other creators. Seeing my TikTok views consistently grow week on week and outperforming other platforms is giving me greater confidence in where to spend my time publishing content. TikTok really finds your audience fast.” 

Build authentic connections

There’s more for businesses on TikTok than just TikTok Ads. With TikTok quickly becoming the preferred avenue for consumers to discover new brands and products, businesses need to explore how they can leverage the platform to effectively unite their audience. 

One way businesses can go about this is by participating in challenges their target audience is also engaged with. It allows businesses to understand the values, and personality of their desired users, giving them the insight they need to create their own challenges (e.g. hosting a contest, starting a hashtag campaign, etc). 

Businesses that create their own challenge encourage the propagation of user generated content (content created by users). When lots of users join in on the challenge, the followers of said users become exposed to the business and brand awareness increases as a result. 

User generated content is also great at building community rapport because it feels more welcoming than overly sanitized, branded content. According to data from TikTok, 79% of users prefer brands that show they understand how to create for the platform. 

Before you commence a TikTok strategy, ensure you understand your audience and the types of content they enjoy interacting with on TikTok. This will enable you to build lifelong, authentic connections. 

Share your thought leadership

According to emarketer, TikTok has now surpassed Instagram in its popularity among Gen Z users (born between 1997 and 2012). Given this, TikTok is a valuable avenue for businesses to seize when connecting the dots between their thought leadership and younger generations.  

In all content you produce, consider how you can harness the expert knowledge and opinion of those within the company to impart value to the user. Be clear on user pain points, their questions, values and desires. This will help you create content that is highly engaging, relevant and educational.  

Turbocharge your digital marketing strategy

TikTok doesn’t exist in isolation of the broader digital marketing picture. A great way to maximize the impact of your TikTok efforts is to cross-promote TikTok videos by sharing them across other platforms your audience is active on. 

Instagram Reels is a popular choice for TikTok cross-promotion. While it may seem redundant to post the same video across two channels, businesses reap the benefit of increased digital exposure when they cross-promote. 

It’s no secret that Reels is Instagram’s response to the blinding growth and popularity of TikTok. As social media platforms compete and add new features to their offerings, the audience on each of the platforms diversifies. Cross-promotion is thus essential for businesses to extend the reach of their net. 

TikTok can enable businesses to increase community engagement as well as seize further opportunities to be creative with content creation. 

But how can you easily see the benefit of your efforts in real-time?

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