TikTok Ads and BOOST LAB: A Case Study

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Are you considering TikTok Ads? A question often asked about TikTok is, “is it for business, and how does it work?”

BOOST LAB and TikTok Ads: a case study

CEO Craig Schweighoffer believes it does – based on early data he has from early programs he’s run on the platform.

“We’ve grown our business from zero by being digital over the past 18 months,” says Craig. “Since about October of last year, that has included TikTok Ads, and using Digivizer’s platform has helped us understand where we need to play, and where TikTok becomes an option to consider.

“Using Digivizer, we continually test and learn across all of the social media and search platforms available to us, to see which performs best. We added TikTok to that mix last October, so we now have a quarter’s worth of data to see what the trends are.

What does the data say?

“For example, we’ve seen twice the number of impressions delivered on TikTok compared to other platforms, for less than half the cost, over that quarter.

“And as advertisers continue to shift their spend to digital, we have to be really creative to cut through. With TikTok it’s no different – as long as people are watching videos and clicking through. If consumers and customers are getting a good experience from our banners on TikTok, we’ll get preferential treatment.

Text quote from Boost Lab CEO Craig Schweighoffer that says: "If I can control it and measure it, and improve on it, then I know where to increase spend, and get a better result."

“So we compare performance for the same creative across a range of platforms with Digivizer, and see where it performs best, and where customers enjoy our output most. ”


Why BOOST LAB uses TikTok Ads

Craig’s decision to add TikTok to his paid media roster was based on understanding the need to experiment, made possible by being able to measure performance.

“If you don’t try, you’ll never know, so we decided to develop some creative with the TikTok advertising and business development teams, and we discussed how TikTok might work for a company in the skin care space. Can we get top of funnel top awareness, people coming to our site, can we convert and get a sale out of it?

Measuring TikTok Ads with Digivizer

“We’re still trying to work those things out but it’s very efficient for the top of the funnel, with a very good cost-per-click. For example, using the Digivizer platform we can see that we’re getting around 500 clicks a day from TikTok at about 20 cents a click, but we’re not yet sure where those 500 clicks end up. Are they coming to our site, or simply enjoying the content? Where do those 500 go?

Text quote from Boost Lab CEO Craig Schweighoffer that says: "The Digivizer platform provides the ultimate transparency in what we're doing digitally, from paid to actual web performance, so that we can make data driven decisions."

“So we’re looking at new ways to work that out, and having the data to hand efficiently, using Digivizer, means we can analyse what’s really going on, test our conclusions and assumptions, and make some sensible decisions. And if we can see the performance continue, the likely plan will be to throttle up spend on TikTok, as part of a digital strategy that plays across as broad a spread as make sense, across multiple platforms.”

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