Google Partners With Digivizer to Help Maximize Return on Your Google Ad Spends

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With every business striving for attention in a Google search, you want to stand out and maximize your Google Ads. Digivizer, a Sydney-based Google Partner, is introducing a real-time view of all your Google Ads campaigns PLUS a complimentary digital strategy review to all customers.

While Digivizer allows you to see all your social and search accounts in a single platform – across your owned, earned and paid media program – we often see a big unrealized opportunity to help our customers harness those prospects who are searching for a product or service right now.

Showcasing your brand to people who are already in the market to buy products and services similar to what your business offers, and at a fraction of the cost of big-budget advertising, is a lucrative proposition. However, there is much to consider.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, when executed correctly, is an effective way to drive leads and revenue for your business. With more and more businesses investing in Social, SEO, and SEM, there is an urgent need for business managers and marketers to approach this with a multidimensional angle and be ‘always-on’ with your SEM strategy.

With numerous priorities ruling the day you might find it difficult to keep pace with the dynamics of SEM – tracking changes in the platform algorithms, bidding values for keywords, and changes in competitors’ activity are some examples.

Also consider what someone is searching for, keywords you have bid for, and how relevant are your answers to those search queries. These need to be in sync or Google will penalize your relevance score and the number of people who see your ad, no matter how much you spend to reach them.

Prospects may have already visited your website – so you may find it easier to help them by retargeting them whilst always trying to attract new people. Equally, you may wish to offer or remind your customers of something they have previously searched for. Or answer them via YouTube or other places they may be searching for you (or someone like you)!

You have to be on top of these things every day to succeed.

We can help you

We appointed Digivizer due to their strong data-driven and creative approach to digital marketing. We set Digivizer the challenge to increase our volume of quality leads and a reduced cost per lead target. Within our first 5 months we saw an 86% increase in lead growth and 55% drop in cost per lead paid. They had over-performed on both targets, whilst at the same time built our brand awareness which is proven through our increased content engagement and community size

For over 8 years Digivizer has partnered with the major social and search partners as development and advertising partner. Being a Google Marketing Partner, Google has backed Digivizer’s platform allowing you to easily connect your account in one click and then with one more click assign our experts to view your Google Ads account. With this, all Google Ads customers will be able to avail premium digital marketing support and a free digital paid strategy review session from Digivizer. We are proud of this partnership and now want to help you.

With a number of awards, deep expertise in digital marketing and technology that makes tracking the performance of your Google Ads campaigns easy and affordable, our team of specialists can help you build the right SEM strategy, set-up campaigns correctly and track their performance in real-time to help you achieve your marketing goals. Once you have created your account with Digivizer, you can learn to do this yourself or you can ask Digivizer to help provide services.

Digivizer’s Premium Ads Support Program is delivered by our team of digital marketing experts already certified by Google.

What you can expect:

Talk to our digital & Google Ads certified experts

Speaking to Google certified experts should be the first step to laying a strong foundation for your search strategy. As a Digivizer customer, you can seek help from our in-house Google certified specialists who will help you optimize your SEM strategy.

Get your digital strategy reviewed every month

We help our customers to find and analyze data from their paid advertising campaigns to help them refine their future strategy. The Digivizer platform allows continuous and real-time monitoring of digital marketing performance across multiple social media platforms and paid advertising. Our experienced team can show you how to optimize spends and do more of what works on a monthly basis.

Free video training and tips

Training or demo videos are an effective way to quickly learn a new skill. We offer to upskill our customers through “how to” videos on our website which we keep refreshing to keep pace with the latest changes to the platform and SEM environment as a whole.

In-product support

Our customers can access support while they are logged in to their Digivizer account. We have our engineering and product teams available to troubleshoot and provide you with fixes when you need through real-time web chat within the platform.

Starting from just US$89 per month, all accounts begin with 30 days of data plus 30 days of free usage with over 50+ measurement insights you can take advantage of immediately. Start your free trial today

Snapfish have achieved a monthly average of 47% new audience conversion and a 20-35x return on ad spend attributed to the paid digital marketing activity that Digivizer undertake for us. One thing that Digivizer lets you do is compare two Facebook ad accounts (run by two different agencies we work with) and sort and filter campaigns – which is invaluable. It’s something that is impossible to do on the Facebook platform. The Earned feature on Digivizer has also been invaluable at giving visibility to conversations happening about Snapfish, across all social platforms, which is perfect for discovering great UGC content
Eloise David, Digital Marketing Manager at Snapfish

About Digivizer

Digivizer makes it easy for any business anywhere to understand, deliver and make good decisions about their investment in digital marketing. Take advantage of our affordable, easy-to-use platform allowing your business to measure in real-time your owned, earned and paid media performance across many social platforms and paid search, so you can do more of what works. We also offer creative and paid media optimization and management services at competitive rates. Find out more about the services we offer.

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