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Author: Jordan Schofield / Paid Media Specialist

It’s been a long time coming Digital Marketers, but the day is finally here! We have a new image format!

Facebook have begun to roll-out the new 1:1 (square) image link ads, and they look AMAZING! It’s a step in the right direction for mobile-first design and with new image formats taking up LOTS more screen real estate then the traditional 1:1.91, it’s a big WIN.

Since the beginning of time, for Facebook advertising anyway, the traditional method of static link ads, i.e. ads formats that link off to an external site; have always been 1:1.91. This ratio always looked superior on desktop devices, as the image was stretched from edge to edge in the Facebook news-feed.

As the share of mobile device views increased, Facebook fell behind in making these link click ads mobile friendly. While they do look great on desktop, the mobile news feed is a completely different beast to tame. It’s fantastic to see that Facebook have now listened to our cries and responded to one of our biggest requests.  

How Can I Implement This Ad Format?

The process of creating the new 1:1 linked ad hasn’t changed. All that is different is when you are uploading your image to Facebook, make sure the dimensions are 1:1 and you’ll be promoted with the option to adjust your crop to a square format. If adjusted correctly, you have now successfully made a 1:1 image that is going to look far superior in your intended audience’s news-feed.

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This new square image format is a great way to stand out from the pack right now before the rest of the digital marketing world catches on.

One thing to be wary of right now though, is the square size will only appear if the viewer has a recent version of the Facebook app on their mobile device. If they have an older version it will display differently.

Utilizing The Digivizer Platform To Measure Results

As this ad format is brand new, I wouldn’t recommend throwing all your eggs in one basket and making all your current ads square.

My personal recommendation would be to test the two different image sizes keeping the copy and creative the same.

To test the difference in performance between the two sizes, ensure your naming convention for the ads is similar to this:

Ad Name: Creative 1:1.91
Ad Name: Creative 1:1

By using this naming convention, and utilizing the Digivizer platform, you will be able to ascertain which test is performing the best.

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Based on your campaign’s objective (e.g. link clicks or engagements), use their specific results as a rate, to effectively measure the success of your split test. Once your test is complete and you have a clear winner, go guns-a-blazing on that image size.

As this is a new feature and clearly Facebook want us to gravitate towards using it, it wouldn’t surprise me in the future if this becomes the main format for link click ads.

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