Digivizer adds Shopify to its list of supported platforms – making it easy for you to get your business where you want it to be

Picture of Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer
Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer

Retailers know all too well that hard work and having a good product are not enough to guarantee success in the online world. 
Margins are tight, customers are fickle, competition is fierce. But there is no doubting the potential return if you can find customers, bring them to your online store, and make it easy and frictionless for them to buy from you.
So to really thrive, retail businesses need to know what parts of the digital customer journey are contributing to sales – from before they know you, to when they are repeat buyers and are recommending you to their friends.

Adding Shopify to Digivizer’s  platform partnerships

We’re working with Shopify to bring together your digital marketing and your online selling worlds together.
After all, more than 800,000+ Shopify businesses operating in 175 countries have generated US$100 billion worth of sales. And Digivizer, through the power of real-time insights, helps drive customers to businesses who want to succeed in online retail.

Digivizer now adds Shopify to its list of platform partners, including  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google and offer additional support and analytics to help you design and understand the best performing customer digital experience. 
By joining the Shopify Partner Program, Digivizer has access to Shopify’s developer API, and to partner programs that include training, documentation, Shopify’s product roadmap, previews of upcoming features, and priority partner support.
Emma Lo Russo, Digivizer’s CEO shared the importance of the partnership,

Businesses can really only thrive by understanding everything their customers do as a single, consistent customer journey – across their digital offering, social media engagement, website and store.

“It’s only by having this single view that retailers can maximize customer demand and conversion,” said Emma Lo Russo, CEO and co-founder of Digivizer.
“So this is an exciting addition to our expanding list of technology platforms that offer Digivizer solutions, and that we support. And it’s another value point to our promise to help businesses of all sizes grow and improve their returns on their digital investment “
With Digivizer, you can see what is working best from social, search and then what is converting on your site. 
You can see what is happening across your brand awareness, engagement, which of your content performs best, and how well your engagement (and spend) converts to sales.  
We’ve also made it easy for retailers to get started, get their data, and make better decisions. 
Until the 31st of December, you can sign up to Digivizer for just US$45* per month and we’ll fix that for life. It includes a free monthly digital strategy session with one of our experts, to help you get more from your digital marketing, and additional support.

Sign up for free and ask us how you can get your Shopify business where it wants to go faster.


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