5 Tips for a Successful Twitter Campaign

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Twitter, a fast-paced microblogging website, is a great avenue for building an ad campaign. It can help situate your brand in the center of conversations that matter and improve brand awareness as a result.

Before we share our top 5 tips for a successful Twitter campaign, let’s first address the types of ads you can run on Twitter.

Types of Twitter ads

  • Promoted ads: look similar to regular tweets. These ads can be liked, retweeted and commented on, and are displayed to people who aren’t already following your brand. These ads always have a “promoted” label in the lower, left-hand corner.
  • Twitter follower ads: allows you to promote your entire brand’s Twitter account. Follower ads are displayed in potential follower’s timelines. They also appear in the “who to follow” suggestions and in search results. In all these display areas, the Twitter account name has a “promoted” label underneath and includes a “follow” button.
  • Twitter takeover:  enables brands to place a promoted ad in the “what’s happening” section on the Twitter homepage as well as the trending tab on the explore screen.

Timeline takeover: ads appear at the top of a user’s timeline when they open Twitter for the first time during a 24 hour cycle. 

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Be targeted in your approach

Don’t try to market to the entire Twitter user-base. Profile the needs, pain-points and demographics of your audience so you can produce more targeted advertising material and reach the right people. 

Once you’ve profiled your target customer, conduct a competitor analysis. 

Find out:

  • who your competitors are on Twitter
  • what your competitors are doing
  • what about their approach works and doesn’t work

Understanding how competitors target customers through their marketing provides insight into the types of strategies you can implement for success as well as the gaps in what’s currently being delivered within your industry.  

Frame a clear customer journey

The reason a Twitter campaign exists in the first place is to drive users to perform a desired action which benefits your company in some way. 

To successfully deliver on this, users need to understand what they’re being directed to do as soon as they see your Twitter ads. For instance, if you want to drive an increase in product sales, include an explicit CTA in the ad copy (e.g. browse our range, start your free trial or make an order today). 

It’s best to refrain from using hashtags and mentions in ad copy. While it’s great for improving organic reach, it ultimately provides an avenue for Twitter users to click away from your ad, which is of no benefit to your company. 

When building a Twitter ad, focus on creating a clear customer journey that serves you.

Marry organic with paid media 

Organic and paid need to work together. Neither exists in a vacuum. Before you begin a Twitter ad campaign, it’s best to have a foundation of regular organic posting as well as an engaged following. 

When users see a Twitter ad and click through to the profile, they want to be met with quality content. This is what convinces them that your brand is credible and worthy of their time and money. 

Performance data from organic tweets can also inform your paid strategy. The more you tweet, the more you learn about which content resonates with your target audience. This is essential for developing a messaging matrix that inspires users to perform desired actions.  

Prioritize community management

Twitter is characterized by fast-moving conversations. To stay relevant and top-of-mind among target customers, community management needs to be prioritized. 

In practice, community management is exactly as it sounds. It involves monitoring the likes, comments and shares that your posts receive as well as the people who mention [tag] your account and regularly engage with your account activities. This process helps you discover what people think about your brand and products. It also allows you to build rapport with your customers. 

Community management is a kind of virtual customer service, an important ingredient involved in both attracting and maintaining followers. A Hootsuite social media report found that 72% of businesses say that customer service on social media falls under the responsibility of marketers.

Use social media analytics to make decisions

What happens after a post is made public? It’s easy to get caught up in the production side of marketing that monitoring campaign results can quickly become an afterthought. 

To deliver optimal outcomes, social media analytics need to be studied. 

It allows you to:

  • assess whether targets have been met
  • form strategic judgements on what can be changed to drive greater impact
  • observe changes to account activity (e.g. follower growth rate)
  • quantify what the campaign has achieved (e.g. did it help generate leads and conversions?)

In terms of knowing the right metrics to pay attention to, remind yourself of the overarching campaign goal. Let’s use the goal of driving greater website traffic as an example. 

In this instance, you would need to monitor the click-through-rate on your Twitter ads as well as the behavior of those visitors when they arrive on your website and encounter a lead magnet (e.g. newsletter subscription). How many of those visitors followed through on a desired action and became a paying customer? 

Social media analytics can provide tangible evidence that you can use to demonstrate the value of the campaign to your boss, colleagues, clients and other associates. 

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