Understanding the True Value of Organic Media and Why You Should Invest

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We know that acquisition is rarely gained via one silver bullet message.  It requires multiple touchpoints to take someone from “I don’t know you” to “I will buy from you”.

It is easy for big brands to think that they can pay their way into your hearts and minds solely by using a paid media strategy to reach customers. However, the brands that drive great fan loyalty understand that social media is an opportunity to engage and converse with prospects and customers in ways that you can’t otherwise. This puts a greater weighting on driving your organic media strategy.

One of the ways consumers build trust and generate relevance is by looking at a brand’s organic content. Prospects will look to validate how brands engage with their customers, how they answer their questions, and the overall tone and true demonstration of the brand’s value proposition and their values.

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Posting organically drives different results based on type, timing and platform. Each platform treats media differently.  For instance, a video in your owned channels can earn great viewing rates without requiring paid media behind it virtually across all platforms. Platforms like LinkedIn favor content that earns strong engagement from your networks. Knowing what is working for you, and how many people are seeing content and engaging with it via engagement rate can powerfully inform your creative content strategy. 

Digivzer, through our agency services, has been asked frequently to provide the same metrics on owned/organic media as a comparable measure to paid media to answer questions on:

  • What was my best performing content?
  • How many impressions did my organic content gain?
  • How many people did it reach?
  • How many organic views did my video or animation receive?
  • How many click-throughs did it drive to my website?

We have now made these metrics available across all owned and organic media, and allow you to easily sort them by each key value. This feature is available now on all Digivizer plans.

New metrics that will be delivered include for Facebook and Instagram Business Pages:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Video Views
  • Click-throughs
  • Engagement Rate

These metrics have, until now, been difficult to easily obtain and understand quickly across platforms.

By making these metrics available in our platform we have removed the difficulty attached to their measurement across platforms. They join other important metrics already available – including engagements by type (eg likes, reactions, shares and comments). 

By offering this as core functionality, all Digivizer plans allow users to easily access these metrics at any time. The exploration of best-performing content is something you can easily understand and share with your manager or team members.


Who benefits most in understanding organic media impact

Anyone responsible for producing content will need to know what works best for them, in order to drive greater ROI by objective.  Understanding whether your content is able to reach or be viewed by more people, or drive greater engagement or click-throughs is important to:

  • Social Content Producers
  • Community Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Those who are marketing on platforms and in regions where organic content still delivers significant results.

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Why these new data points are important

  1. Know all your important metrics so you can know what matters to your customers – to do more of what works
  2. Easy to compare the value of owned and paid against the same key measures you like to report on. This adds additional value to what you can drive yourself – that does not require paid media behind it
  3. Knowing Impressions, Reach and Video Views are important brand metrics. Now you know how many people and how many times they have seen your organic content, a very helpful brand metric.
  4. Learning about click-throughs helps show the value of content in determining interest, retargeting value, influencing customers and prospects further in their consideration and conversion to your products and services. These indications inform your future content strategy and where/what content to place paid media budget behind
  5. Easy sorting to see your best performing content by all your varying key metrics within one click and one platform saves you enormous time and helps provide you with quick information to make further decisions from

Taking advantage of this feature for Business Pages in both Facebook and Instagram

Existing Digivizer users will need to reconnect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to allow the new permissions and data flow. 

New users who open accounts from 12 August 2019 will have these new metrics.

All Digivizer users can access in-platform help if you have any questions.

Why not take advantage and book a demo and strategy session or sign up for free.

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