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Are you one of the many digital marketers suffering from reporting related anxiety? You are not alone.

With the social and search platforms releasing more products, there are additional data sources to keep on top of. And this data changes 24/7, literally by the second. When you add to this the pressure of needing to report more sophisticated cost per impression, engagement and conversion data, your reporting approach probably needs a reboot.

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How does reporting currently work at your place?

Probably not very well, despite everyone’s best intentions. The following problems may feel all too familiar to you: 

1 Hunt and gather

Very few analytics tools provide all the information you need in one place. Or you may not even have an analytics tool, spending hours opening up platform by platform to try and get a view of what has happened in the same time period. This means you have to download the information you need from multiple sources, then try and merge into one set of measures, which takes up time that could be spent on things that will make an impact on the business.

2 Used by dates

Data is only powerful if you can use it to make better decisions. That means you need the information in real time. If you are having to gather information from multiple sources, or relying on someone else to prepare a report that is delivered after your investment, you are probably not getting the information in time to make a decision that can make a positive difference.

3 Um?

Sometimes we employ external analytics teams to compile reports for us. This ideally saves time, and increases the quality of the data. But, sometimes if we haven’t been involved in creating the reports, we may not truly understand them in parts. And, if the reports aren’t understood, then decisions can not be made. Often timing is also way past the use by date.

4 Access denied

Sometimes businesses sign up to benefit from a subscription-based reporting tool, but then find that only one person in the business can access the information, and then this person is left to distribute the data or field constant requests for information, thus limiting your ability to get what you need and when you want it. 

How reporting can work

There are now better and more advanced analytics tools available to you. They not only make reporting easier, but significantly improve your ability to make better decisions. Here’s how:

1 Real time 

Having access to data in real time increases your business’s ability to make better decisions, which will increase growth, and increase the return on your marketing investments.

2 One-stop shop

It is now possible to see all the data you need in one place, and the data is presented in a way that anyone in your business can understand, and then use to make timely decisions. 

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3 Anyone can see it

Ideally the analytics platform you sign up to, will allow all the stakeholders who need to access the information, see the information they personally need in real time. It cuts out the middle-man. 

4  Better budget planning

Traditionally marketing budgets are allocated based on what was allocated the year before or puts forward the best case for the money. Now you can base your budget on what is working, continuously refining as you see in real-time what is working best for your money.

5 Mix up the mix

Improved analytical tools mean that you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your marketing spend in greater detail, and therefore be able to model the marketing mix that will have the greatest return on your spend. 

Want to reboot your reporting and deliver more for your time?

Digivizer can reboot your reporting. If you are interested in real-time digital marketing insights, watch the Digivizer demonstration video here. We also offer a free digital marketing strategy session with every paid up plan, so that we can answer any questions you may have about your performance and learn what to do next. You can start with Digivizer Free plan today, receiving 30 days free data.

Free yourself from reporting anxiety, and help your business make better and more timely decisions.

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