How To Harness Creativity & Data to Drive Growth

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Marketers have a big role in driving the creative quotient within their company to achieve business growth. Data can help. Here’s how you can harness Creativity & Data to drive growth.

Last year, Adobe teamed up with the iconic Sydney Opera House to revamp their website in order to create better digital experiences for its visitors. It drove $2 million in ticket sales in under 24 hours. More importantly for them, it meant an estimated fifty thousand fewer customers waiting in lines for tickets as they could now download a digital version.

The future belongs to those who create it.

Being clinical in marketing may deliver results in the short-term but long-term business success is always about creating wonderful customer experiences. As marketers, it’s our job to inspire CEOs and business leaders to use creativity and data to solve business problems and create growth.

What’s more, this approach applies to companies of any size, including SMBs and even startups, because they can often pivot and react more quickly than their larger, more-established competitors. And data and creativity are not exclusive to any given size of a company.

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Back your creativity with data

Amazing things happen when you put logic behind the magic. Digital and social media platforms provide valuable data points through their built-in analytics tools. Dive into them to build a deeper understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. Initially, you may end up spending a lot of time on this as each tool works differently and tracks different metrics. But, there’s a reason why analytics is a crucial skill to master for future CMOs. It’s worth it.

There are a number of tools that aggregate data from different media platforms and help you save valuable time, and provide you with a single view across all channels. Some are very detailed but can be costly, and others meet basic needs and add less value.

At Digivizer, we have built a SaaS tool using our proprietary software that can be accessed by businesses to analyse all their paid media performance and their owned and earned media performance, all in one place.

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Test. Test. Test.

Using data to test and iterate removes the risks sometimes associated with considering creative solutions – around failure, cost, length of time to implement, even whether a proposal is creative at all.  

“Being creative” has no guarantee of success, and there’s only one way to find out what works – by testing ideas. Whether it’s a new creative format, a different media platform or a new payment method, test its relevance and its performance.

Use technology to create a test environment and perform the test. Measure results against objectives and then scale it to support business goals. Data-driven creativity is a repetitive process.

Two things seem certain about the future of marketing:

  • Business owners and CEOs will rely even more on CMOs to deliver business results by making sense of all the customer data captured through their digital channels
  • Consumers of products and services will expect a more personalised experience from a brand before considering it to buy.

Either way, it’s an interesting and challenging road ahead for marketers, because we will have all the data and resources to create unique customer experiences. Finding ways to keep the creative juices flowing can help marketers to grow a business. Using data means they know when this is the case.

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The Digivizer Platform

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