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Picture of Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer
Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer

The partnership gives startups and early-growth businesses the capability to take a data-driven and analytics-based approach to marketing, to get more from their digital spend.

Startups based in Asia as well as Australia now have a new way to boost their digital marketing returns. Digivizer has formed a strategic partnership with early-stage investment group Investible to help startups set up and use data-driven digital marketing programs and processes.

It’s an investment by both companies in startups and early-growth companies across multiple vertical markets in the region.

Digivizer and Investible will equip startups and early-growth companies with the digital skills and tools they need to measure and manage their digital marketing budgets, make better decisions about where to deploy their budgets, find leads and convert sales, create engagement, grow revenue, and maximize the ROI in their digital marketing, across their paid, earned and owned media.

To grow a business you need to know how to find and acquire customers and test market fit quickly. Digital and social marketing provides outstanding business development channels for businesses of any size. This is especially important when resources and budgets remain tight – startups and early-growth companies need to make every dollar work for them. They also need to update investors on progress quickly and accurately. With Digivizer, they can set up a continuous marketing testing environment, and use the real-time insights this gives them to make better decisions about where to spend budget, and do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.
Emma Lo Russo, CEO, Digivizer

The partnership covers a joint education program, and access to Digivizer’s digital marketing analytics platform, with an additional value being provided by Digivizer to businesses introduced by Investible through one of its programs.

Support for startups at different stages

The collaboration between Digivizer and Investible covers a number of programs:

Investible Games: super-charging the next generation of startups in Asia and Australia

  • Investible’s program where 12 startups undertake 12 challenges over three days in a competitive event. The program provides everything these participants need to be market-ready, delivered in a short period as a concentrated sequence of lessons and workshops. The challenges take place in front of investors, business leaders and industry leaders, other startups, and corporate innovators
  • Digivizer will provide a 12-month Digivizer Starter Plan and digital marketing strategy consulting advice and support to the winners of the Customer Acquisition Challenge, and will also support the Games taking place in Jakarta (26th – 28th April), Melbourne (16th – 18th May), Thailand (30th May – 1st June), and Sydney (27th – 29th June)
  • for more information on the Indonesian Investible Games, visit the website. All businesses that apply to enter Investible Games will also receive a bonus month for any Digivizer plan they purchase.
This is an exciting partnership for Investible because it will give the startups we engage with and fund practical support and expertise that they can use at a very early point in their history. They will have the support and different tiers of funding they need from Investible, along with the expertise we can offer in strategy and growth, supported by the Digivizer platform and Digivizer’s expertise in digital marketing. Digivizer understands the startup and early-growth sectors very well, and the team has deep experience working with businesses of all sizes through their creative services go-to-market model.
Elisa-Marie Dumas, Head of Global Partnerships & Programs, Investible

Investible Circle Partnership

  • Provides Investible-funded companies with access to subject matter experts, 1:1 coaching and mentoring, and access to the Investible networks that enable them to scale and prepare for future rounds of capital raising
  • Investible will provide every new and current Investible Circle member with a 12-month licence to Digivizer’s Starter Plan. Investible will cover the monthly Digivizer subscription cost for these Circle members for their first year
  • Digivizer also delivers workshop sessions to Investible Circle group members, the next in July. Investible Circle members will have access to online support and education services from Digivizer to improve team skills

Investible Retail Innovation Pilot Program in partnership with the City of Sydney

  • This program, in partnership with the City of Sydney, will help support small and medium retail and hospitality owners.  A special Digivizer Plan offer and a workshop session will be provided by Digivizer to retailers supported by Investible.
Digivizer CEO Emma Lo Russo with retail and hospitality business owners supported by Investible.

Support across Asia for startups

As Investible expands its network of partners in Asia, Digivizer will provide businesses interested in obtaining funding with digital marketing expertise and “how to” support training. Companies need to be funded by Investible and can apply at https://digivizer.com/investible.

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