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Almost as soon as content is published live, digital marketing agencies can establish an instant feedback loop between the brand they’re managing and the audience the brand seeks to reach.

The data behind digital interactions can reveal valuable insights into customer behavior and their subsequent values. By understanding and being able to explain performance, strong trust is built with your clients. They in turn rely on agencies as the expert.

When digital marketing agencies use performance data to account for performance trends, they have a solid foundation in which they can make sound content recommendations as well as demonstrate the value they bring to the brands they work with.

Trust and transparency – proof in insights

Digital marketing agencies can use performance insights to strengthen the level of trust that their brand partners place in them. A McKinsey report found that data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times more likely to retain customers and 19 times more likely to be profitable. 

Data acts as a governance tool for smarter digital marketing because it enables end-to-end transparency. At any stage of the campaign process, data is an objective measure of performance. It benchmarks the successfulness of initiatives in easy-to-understand metrics at any given time. This makes data a tangible resource that digital marketing agencies can use to understand and prove their value to brand partners.

When a brand sees that a digital marketing agency delivers measurable business growth, they’re more willing to strengthen the partnership by continuing to invest in the agency services.  

Even when performance isn’t optimal, the sharing of data involves the brand into the campaign narrative, where they feel invested in the outcome and trust the agency to ethically deliver.

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Facilitate a test-and-learn environment 

In an age of smartphone ubiquity and digital dependency, digital marketing agencies have the lucrative advantage of being able to ascertain the audience’s relationship to the content almost as soon as it’s published. 

They can easily see if the content is reaching the right people, whether the audience is willing to engage, and if the content successfully moves people through the digital sales funnel by way of driving conversions. 

A test-and-learn environment, where data is used at every stage to drive growth, is the best way to find what works. 

It requires digital marketing agencies to: 

  1. Understand the challenge that needs solving
  2. Determine the outcome that needs to be accomplished
  3. Form a marketing distribution strategy to harness the required outcome

A test-and-learn environment also requires agencies to be flexible and readily pivot to industry changes. As an example, Google’s mobile-friendly update in 2016 had a strong impact on websites that weren’t tailored to mobile user experience. 

No industry or digital algorithm is fixed. Digital marketing agencies need to keep a close eye on their brand partner’s industry as well as search and social algorithm updates. This ensures they can adjust their marketing strategy by way of preventing pages from getting blocked, de-indexed or de-ranked. 

While not every campaign delivers desired results immediately, a data-driven approach keeps digital marketing agencies and their brand partners unified throughout the end-to-end process. 

Know the data today to improve tomorrow

Value lies in how data is used more so than the data itself. When digital marketing agencies know the results of today, they can build better future campaigns because they have visibility on which marketing levers perform best. 

To determine best-performing content, digital marketing agencies need to look at: 

  • brand partner’s position on SERPs
  • click-through-rate (CTR) across pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns
  • content that drives the highest engagement across social platforms
  • earned media (what people say about the brand in question)
  • how the brand’s content performs in comparison to competitors (likes, follows, comments, etc)
  • number of conversions post-campaign
  • search terms people use to find solutions similar to what the brand offers
  • search terms the brand ranks on for website content 
  • success rate of lead magnets (e.g newsletter sign ups, etc.)
  • website pages which accrue the highest traffic

Based on what’s performing best, digital marketing agencies can make sound recommendations on where resources need to be allocated. This ensures marketing spend is optimized.

With data, digital marketing agencies can: 

  • discover consumer preferences
  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of the customer journey
  • leverage insights to create new business opportunities
  • provide evidence for a cost-effective way of improving customer experience

When marketing content is aligned to what the audience wants to engage with, a positive user journey is established. This then makes brand partners more likely to earn higher returns on their investment in digital marketing and have greater faith in the digital marketing agency they work with.

A panoptic view across marketing channels 

When in the zone of producing content, it can be difficult for digital marketing agencies to have a clear understanding of how each marketing channel is performing. 

A daily routine of checking the data across each channel ensures the bigger picture isn’t lost. Digital marketing agencies can see what’s working and what isn’t, and use that data to drive strategic decision-making. This is particularly important when there are ever-changing platform algorithms that favor different forms of content. They don’t publish these changes, and agencies who continuously test and learn hold the advantage and are then able to advise their clients. 

One fallacy to overcome is that tracking performance data is too time-consuming a process to do every day… You have to dig deep into each native platform to harvest the required insights and then transfer it across multiple spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. Agencies need an easy way to look across all platforms, over all content types, and over different date ranges to understand what is best working to engage the desired audience. 

Agencies can gain their valuable time back to the creation of content by connecting all client brand  accounts into the Digivizer platform. Once connected, you can access all content and campaign digital performance insights in one place instantly.

If you would like to see how Digivizer supports agencies so you can focus on higher value work, make reporting easy and build strong trust with your clients – book a session to use the book a demo pop up.
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