Build a killer content marketing strategy

Create organic content and creative that cuts through.

Use performance insights to optimize your organic content and paid media adverts to drive quality traffic to your website, greater customer engagement and conversions.

Pinpoint organic content that converts

Know which content resonates with your audience to develop an organic content strategy that gets results. Identify the top organic social media content and how it compares to other sources like email, referrals, and paid media platforms.

See period-on-period performance comparisons on volume of posts, impressions, engagements, clicks, followers, video views, shares, comments, retweets and likes on all your channels. You can even monitor stories for longer than 24 hours and video views like-for-like across your channels!

Identify which creative drives results in paid media across campaigns and platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, TiKTok, Amazon Ads and Microsoft Ads. 

High powered content targeting

Analyze your share of organic search traffic for specific natural language keywords and use the insights to optimize your organic content.

Know for sure what’s driving your web traffic — use referral source to know where it’s coming from and what content is driving goals and sales conversions and use those insights to create a data-driven content marketing strategy.

Take a laser-focused approach to content targeting across your search media ad content and drive lower PPC and higher ROAS. Get an overview at a glance, or do a deep dive against performance metrics – from impressions, reach, engagement, views, and click throughs to web traffic and revenue. 

Fuel your organic content with social listening insights

Know who is talking about you online and who is talking most about what matters to you. Identify topics that resonate and use those insights to deliver more organic content that connects with your ideal audience.

Drive community growth using earned media tactics like hashtag campaigns and competitions to complement your paid media campaigns. Track and monitor engagements and mentions to identify and connect with new community members and potential customers.

Create a content marketing strategy that builds loyalty and keeps existing customers and community members coming back for more!

Jam packed with valuable insights

1. Video metrics that matter most – Access YouTube viewing metrics (most watched video by % viewed and by total minutes) and Instagram stories longer than on the native platforms. You can sort by best performing video per platform too!

2. Stand out in the crowd – quickly engage and manage your community on each platform by seeing who has commented on your organic content on social media, clicking through to the post and responding.

3. See it your way – connect multiple paid media analytics accounts for a complete picture or break it down by region, section of your website or in another meaningful way.

4. Share the content marketing analytics dream – invite anyone into your brand space to build trust, be transparent and bring digital marketing governance.

5. Everyone’s a winner – Digivizer makes it super easy for everyone who works on content to see how you are optimizing and winning in search including all key content creators, copywriters, digital marketing managers, paid media managers, web and analytics managers.

6. SaaS plans that are built to scale. Free 30 day trial. Monthly payments. No contract. Upgrade as you grow or cancel anytime.

7. Digivizer Express to you – A weekly insights report across owned, earned, paid and web media  delivered to you and your team ready to start your week!


Why our customers love Digivizer

Why our customers love Digivizer

It's easy to get started.

Connect your digital marketing channels to your Brand Space.

Invite your team and stakeholders to your Brand Space.

Analyze cross-channel data to create real insights.

Create digital marketing reports in a couple of clicks.

Build a historical data archive for deeper insights and smarter marketing.

Get insights straight to your inbox with automated weekly reports.

Powerful insights. Affordable pricing.

Choose the package that’s right for you and make your data work harder.


Ideal for kicking off
USD$ 89 per month, billed monthly
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 20 Social, Paid or Web Accounts
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • (Owned, Earned and Paid)
  • Social Listening to your @mentions
  • 1 Hashtag (of your choice)
  • Web Performance
  • Streamlined Reporting

Standard Plus

Ideal for growing brands
USD$ 189 per month, billed monthly
  • Unlimited users
  • 1 Brand Space(s)
  • 50 Social, Paid or Web Accounts
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • (Owned, Earned and Paid)
  • Social Listening to your @mentions
  • Add up to 6 additional hashtags
  • Web Performance
  • Streamlined Reporting

All plans include a 30-day free trial, and all start with 30 days of historical data.
Custom plans are available, please get in touch with us via the Intercom in the bottom right of your screen.

Brands that trust Digivizer

Need to know more? Explore some helpful information here:

We’ve identified 5 things you should measure that will give you a better understanding of the performance of your content help you refine your content strategy:

  • Organic content: Determine which content works for you in organic media – what gains best impressions, reach, engagement, click-throughs. Often, the content that works well in organic gives you a real measure for what your audience likes and performs well in paid. 
  • Earned content: Determine who gains the most engagement from their own content when they speak about you or a hashtag you follow (or if they are acting as a paid influencer). Remember: the ultimate aim is the right person, right content, right timing, right channel, right offer. You need to know what works with your audience, and have a multi-channel view. 
  • Themes and topics: Determine the patterns around the nature of the content that gains best performance – the creative, copy, call-to-action and what leads to total conversions. 
  • Content types: Ensure your performance insights include visual content (not just numbers) – you need to see what story sells and what the different types of content are that work at different stages of your funnel and against different objectives. You can easily see in organic and paid media what content types are working best for you. 
  • Compare and benchmark: Ensure you have one analytics platform that covers every channel – in both search and social and across organic, earned and paid media. It is important to compare and benchmark the performance of content across different digital channels including paid media. 

Digivizer makes it easy to gain a quick understanding of your ROI and comparative performance across all your digital channels.

Digivizer provides both an overview and a deep dive of all key performance metrics to measure if your organic and paid social channels are growing and driving the outcome you want.  Know how content is performing for you by each key objective.

  1. Platforms include FB, IG, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, TiKTok, Amazon Ads and Microsoft Ads
  2. All key metrics are like-for-like – making it easy to compare best performing platforms
  3. See period-on-period performance comparisons on volume of posts, impressions, engagements, clicks, followers, video views, shares, comments, retweets and likes on all your channels 
  4. See best performing content including the best performing ad creative and best creative per channel based on objective. Also see trends on the best time of day and day of week to post on each platform.

When you know for sure what content is driving conversions and growing your web traffic – where it’s coming from and what’s converting your search terms into sales –  you can optimize your content to drive growth and sales via web traffic. In Digivizer you can identify:

  • Best performing content on your social channels sorted by key metrics like impressions, video views, engagement, click-throughs, etc for any time period.
  • Who posts about your brand, products or services in social and digital channels and which content is driving the highest engagement. 
  • How every dollar you are investing is working for you.
Digivizer’s Search Queries feature, shows you what search queries are driving all your organic clicks to your website, in other words what people are actually typing into Google and searching for, how many clicks and what share of this volume is available to you,  and what position or ranking your business shows up on their search page. This allows you to:
  • See all your page rankings from best to worst against search queries, and how this is changing by movements over any period of time.  
  • Sort by where your biggest movements  in your SERP are (Search Engine Results Page).
  • See where opportunities exist by volume of search queries to build your content strategy.
  • See where you can maintain the best position, or identify where little but some competition exists to bump with paid media to win the first slot.
  • Sort by impression volume  to see what volumes exist around your customer or prospect natural language search that Google deems your site is able to answer.
  • Search by the term that may best match to your product or service solution – see all relevant terms and volume to help you build your content strategy.
  • You have all the insights you need to build a content strategy around the search queries and keywords that you’d like to win.

Content targeting – using insights to create precisely targeted content-based campaigns – is one of our areas of expertise and we love to share our tips & tricks. Digivizer experts have produced a guide that gives you the tools you need to learn how to leverage data and digital marketing analytics insights to create targeted content campaigns that work on every platform. The guide covers:

  • How to build a digital sales funnel
  • Paid media ad examples
  • Successful social media campaigns
  • Paid media advertising costs
  • How to use carousel ads
  • Templates and much more

This resource is perfect for businesses, social media marketers and paid digital strategists who want to calculate the ROI of campaigns and use data-driven insights to prove the value of your content targeting strategy.

Grow your share of voice with a digital marketing analytics tool that tracks brand-relevant conversations and industry competitors. With Digivizer you can find out what people say about your business online. Set up social listening to monitor what is being said about your company, brand, products or campaigns on social media channels.

  • Add filters to focus the listening data you see by platform, hashtag or brand mention.
  • Sort organic and paid posts by engagement rate or by flexible date range.
  • Access influencer data for deeper insights and greater collaboration with your ambassadors.
  • Respond fast, every time, to build more meaningful relationships with customers and keep an ear to the ground with cross-channel mentions monitoring of your brand and competitor brands. 
  • Engage with the customers and top influencers talking about your brand to easily build successful relationships.

Earned media gives you the ability to track and monitor hashtags and mentions so you can easily find out: 

  1. Who is talking about you and tagging you  most frequently or by most number of earned engagements
  2. What topics you should be engaging with by seeing what hashtags are most popular and what content is gaining most engagement
  3. What your competitors are doing 

All this plus more is part of the standard plan with Digivizer.

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