Digivizer Leadership

Digivizer’s leadership team blends dynamic vision with deep product and industry experience to propel an inspired, high-performing team.

Emma Lo Russo founder and CEO of Digivizer

Emma Lo Russo

Founder & CEO of Digivizer and goto.game

Rob Sharp

Chief Technology Officer

Sanjita Shah

Chief Strategy Officer

Alan Smith

Head of Strategic Business Communications

Brian Gibson

Head of Digital Strategy & Partnerships

Ingrid Stockley

Head of Office & People Operations

Krish Ruban

Head of Global Customer Success

Ryan Stott

Head of Social to Sales

Dr Kevin Rounsley

Head of Data Analytics

Tim Horan

Digital Editor-in-Chief

Dinesh Harathi

Head of Digital Marketing - Global Accounts

Sophie Roditis

Head, Finance Team

Clinton Larson

Co-founder & Non-Executive Director

Dr Tom Osborn

Non-Executive Advisor, Analytics