Digivizer Leadership

Digivizer’s leadership team blends dynamic vision with deep product and industry experience to propel an inspired, high-performing team.

Emma Lo Russo founder and CEO of Digivizer

Emma Lo Russo

Founder & CEO of Digivizer and goto.game

Rob Sharp

Chief Technology Officer

Sanjita Shah

Chief Strategy Officer

Alan Smith

Head of Strategic Business Communications
Clare Jolly

Clare Jolly

Head of Platform Ecosystem
Jacquelyn Cowardin

Jacquelyn Cowardin

Head of Agency

Brian Gibson

Head of Digital Strategy & Partnerships

Tim Horan

Digital Editor-in-Chief

Dinesh Harathi

Head of Digital Marketing - Global Accounts

Ryan Stott

Head of Social to Sales

Sophie Roditis

Head, Finance Team

Madi Mooney

Customer Success Manager

Clinton Larson

Co-founder & Non-Executive Director

Dr Tom Osborn

Non-Executive Advisor, Analytics

Ingrid Stockley

Head of Office & People Operations