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Web performance analytics you can trust. Attract quality leads, get more traffic to your site, improve your website ranking and optimize your SEO from one-platform.

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Trusted Insights

Measure your web performance with confidence

  • Connect GA4, Google Search Console and Google Universal Analytics and track traffic source, search queries, revenue and goals with ease.
  • Measure website performance with unrivalled 99% source accuracy.
  • Utilize insights to design effective web strategies to get more traffic to your website.

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Google Ads

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Amazon Ads


Microsoft Ads

Simplified Comparisons

Make detailed comparisons quickly across revenue, transactions, goal completions, users and more to share with a click.

Date-Specific Data

Track web metrics against customisable date ranges that work with your business needs.

Real-time Insights

With data pulled daily via custom API’s, you can compare any period and make quick decisions based on accurate data.

Search Query Analysis

Discover new search opportunities

  • See which search terms are driving your web traffic, where you’re winning and where you’re missing out.
  • Identify organic content opportunities relevant to your audience with search query research.
  • Track performance of both planned paid and organic search terms and see which terms are driving conversions.
  • Generate and track search performance over time, including impressions, clicks, CTR, search ranking position and Google ranking position change.
Search Queries

Find the search terms actively driving to your site and monitor their impact, from click to CTR and position.

Measure SEO Improvements

Track position increase or drop on current and potential key search terms to determine where to invest resources.

Connect the Dots

Compare paid, organic and earned web traffic from one platform to get a complete view of lead generation.

All-in-one Analytics

Track the web journey

  • Identify your best performing Web Pages and optimize the ones that need improvement.
  • Analyze page views, rankings, session times and exit percentage to drive traffic to your top web pages.
Top Pages

Instantly see rich insights into your website’s most (and least) viewed pages to understand what content keeps audiences hooked and optimize from strategy to sales.

In-Depth Attribution Data

Drill down to the best-performing referral source including email to understand where your web traffic audience lies.

Quick and Easy Updates

Never miss a win, with weekly and monthly social highlights and web traffic summary delivered direct to your inbox.

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