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Know what works for you with all your search, web and social media analytics in one powerful platform.

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A single source of truth

  • Compare cross-channel all your social, search, web, organic, earned and paid media analytics.
  • Measure performance over time and by any period to inform your marketing strategy.
  • Engage with multiple social profiles across networks, in real-time – from a single dashboard.
Multi-Channel View

Centralize all your social media platforms and web tools in one tab, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Google Analytics and Microsoft Ads.

Analytics with Accuracy

Get traffic source attribution to 99% accuracy with Digivizer (only 37% with Google Analytics).


Invite team members and clients into your Brand Space to build trust, be transparent and bring digital marketing governance.

Stronger marketing strategy

  • Build an effective social media marketing strategy using real-time insights.
  • Compare and benchmark performance of your social media posts across time, including Instagram Story analytics even after they disappear.
  • Plan and analyze paid and organic social media campaigns with ease, utilizing brand mention and hashtag tracking tools.

Google Analytics

Google Ads

Google Analytics 4

Google Search Console






Amazon Ads


Microsoft Ads

Social Listening

Drive community growth using earned media tactics like hashtag campaigns and competitions to complement your paid media campaigns.

Click-through Creative

Identify your top organic social media content and how it compares to other sources like email, referrals, and paid media platforms. Easily click-through to see live creative in-situ.

In-depth Video Performance

Detailed video analytics including TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels to show what videos are driving most value for your business, from viewing trends to channel growth.

Optimize your advertising spend

  • Discover search term opportunities for your organic content and paid ads.
  • Improve SEO and track SERP daily while measuring your paid campaign performance.
  • Monitor ROAS, conversions and paid media budgets to guarantee your digital marketing success.
Packed with Paid Metrics

Compare more paid metrics together than any other platform from Spend to Engagement to CPM, CPE, Link Clicks, CTR, CPC and Conversion Rates.

Multilevel Analysis

Sort your paid activity by platform, campaign, adset, right down to individual ads.

Spend with Confidence

Understand traffic source from platforms and ads to conversion goals and sales to optimize faster and avoid wasting budget.

Unleash Your Marketing Potential with Digivizer

Harness actionable insights from all your web, social, search, organic, earned and paid media. No complex setups or extravagant costs – just immediate, straightforward clarity.