The 5 content commandments

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Your competition is constantly seeking how to become more relevant to your market. Why aren’t you?

Leading with killer content and engagement may sound easier said than done, yet this is not the case if you truly understand what makes social, social.

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Introducing the 5 Content Commandments:

1. Thou shalt know thy audience

It all starts with data.

Using data-driven insights, you can figure out who your audience is, where they’re talking, and what they’re saying about you or your competitors. When you know your audience, you can ensure that your strategies and creative contain great ideas and are relevant to the people you are trying to reach.

What’s more, they will connect to the business challenges they face.

2. Thou shalt build genuine relationships

It’s no longer possible for brands to dictate the rules of engagement when it comes to their customers.

Brands must understand the fundamental reciprocity of social media; they need to cultivate a two-way conversation that builds genuine relationships.

And just like any relationship, it must be built on a foundation of trust. Constantly listening to, and engaging with, your audience is a must. In return, customers become advocates for the brands and products they choose – because these brands and products met their needs.

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3. Thou shalt add value and give thy audience a reason to share

Today’s consumers will simply ignore communications that don’t add value to their lives.

Good content will provide entertainment, education or utility. Again, it comes down to knowing your audience and building genuine relationships. Everyone wants their content to ‘go viral’, yet so often brands make the mistake of not thinking like their audience.

When creating content, ask yourself a simple question: why would anyone share this?

Without giving your audience a reason to share your content, ‘going viral’ and achieving a greater share of voice will never become a reality. 

4. Thou shalt not be afraid to try new things

Part of providing value is understanding that simply putting out regular content isn’t going to cut it – it needs to feel fresh and new and exciting if you want people to care.

Nothing will help get your brand noticed and grow your audience if you don’t push the boundaries.

When you start with data and maintain genuine relationships with your customers, you will know what your customers want. So give it to them and do it better than anyone else. 

Get sexy with your creative and lead the way.

5. Thou shalt not shout in social

When it comes to social, interaction with brands needs to be organic and feel natural.

Nobody wants to feel like they’re being sold to, and likewise, when it comes to sharing branded content, nobody wants to feel like they are selling to their networks and doing a brand’s dirty work for them.

Focus on telling a story and having meaningful conversations with your consumers – don’t just brag about how great you are.

Treat your audience with the respect they deserve and you will be well on your way to a successful content strategy.

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