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Do you have a lot to do today? Are there several sticky notes seemingly screaming at you on your desk? Have you sent yourself reminder emails to action the many jobs floating around your head? We thought so. We want to help you, so we’ll keep it brief. 

Many marketers have more jobs to get done than hours in the day. That’s why we wanted to draw your attention to some of the ways that you can not only save precious time, but also make better decisions about your digital marketing investment.

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At a glance

At a glance marketing is the idea that with the right marketing performance insights in one place and in real time, you are empowered to make better decisions. And you can experiment more freely with making decisions, because you can measure them. Even seemingly small decisions can make a massive impact e.g increasing conversions by just 1% can represent a significant uplift. 

Rather than spending hours trying to see all your owned, earned and paid media in multiple social and search channels, it is now possible to see how you are performing in one place. 


Literally within milliseconds, you can now know exactly where your brand stands. Know what is working and what is not –

All your content. 

All your Influencer engagement. 

All your social and search paid media.

And, all you have to do is cast your eyes over it. It’s there at a glance.

What can you see at a glance?

You can see your followers and total engagements for any period you select, you can see your best performing earned media and you can see how your paid is performing, on any period on period you set your date to.

Play detective

You can also see the performance of each social channel, including new followers and engagements, and then compare this with other periods for comparison:If you want to understand why something is not performing, you can click through and see what happened.

You can also see what people are clicking on, and when, so you can then adapt your future planned activity. 

For earned media, you can see who is talking, or filter to see by channel, by handle or by hashtag.

In paid media, you can quickly identify what is the most cost efficient outcome.

Because you have effectively named your paid media campaigns, you can see at a glance what performs best for you.

Watch: Understanding your digital performance at a glance is now a reality

What does it mean to be a champion of glance marketing?

Things move quickly. Knowing what is happening in real time allows you to act and adapt your future spend to make the most of it. It allows you to start improving your ROI immediately, you no longer have to wait for third party reports. 

Want to start marketing at a glance?

What you have seen here, is the new Digivizer Performance Summary which helps increase your ROI from your investment in digital…and makes your life a whole lot easier. 

Book a demo here. If you start a new account today, you will immediately see 30 days of data and have 30 further days free of charge, so that you can begin glance marketing.

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