Discover your most engaging customer, fan or influencer in one click

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Discovering your most engaged customer, fan or influencer is now easy with Digivizer’s new ‘sort’ feature on the earned media analytics page. With just one click, you can choose to see your most engaged posts (and the most engaged person with your brand) over any date period you select.

Listening to what your customers are saying about you on every platform is an important way to measure their level of happiness with your brand. When someone says something either positive or negative about you, their network of connected friends, family and colleagues listens.

Media monitoring and listening platforms that allow you to track and measure brand mentions and sentiment can be expensive where Digivizer has now made the most important listening metrics super affordable.

Importantly, whether it is owned, earned or paid media, you want to know who is talking about your brand and what messages are receiving the most engagement and activity. This allows you to decide which are worthy of additional investment.

That is why Digivizer has just introduced the ability to easily sort all earned media in a single click – switching between sorting by date and by engagement (number of engagements per post). This enables you to easily see who has posted something about you (i.e. mentioned you) or mentioned a hashtag you are monitoring. You can now choose to see, for any date range, all posts by order of engagement, easily identifying those posts and people who generate the most content, in a single click.

Businesses that engage influencers, when invited into Digivizer, will not only get to enjoy their own platform and campaign insights but also get to see all their influencer data when they mention them or a hashtag agreed with them. This makes it easy to see how a company’s employee, advocacy or influencer earned media programs are performing.

The beauty of this feature is that it is available in all Digivizer plans, starting from US$89 per month. Watch the Video and book a demo now to find out more.

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