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You now know how to build a customer journey using your sales funnel, and you know how to measure it to ensure its success. But it’s hard to skim through all of that looking for that one tip you need, so we’ve devised a checklist that you can refer to any time you need a little help. Keep these things in mind when you’re looking at your customer journey, and you’ll be golden!

  1. GOAL. Nail down what you want: a sale, a lead, an email, a registration.
  2. AUDIENCE. Use personas to figure out who your ideal customer is, and target them. Sarah (29yo, still paying off uni loans) and George (16yo, loves Overwatch) probably won’t click on the same content, but both could be leads for a merchandiser.
  3. CONTENT. What does your audience care about? Create and deliver content that gives them value.
  4. TEST, TEST, TEST!! Get significant data to tell you if it’s working or not, then pivot quickly. Use A/B testing to refine the little details.
  5. AD FATIGUE. The silent killer. Beware of boredom.
  6. BEST METRICS. Keep an eye on your Reach, % of Video Viewed, and CTR.
  7. CONTEXT. Never look at numbers in isolation. Find correlations and look for relationships. 
  8. END-TO-END-TRACKING. The customer is on a journey and you should be able to follow them through it and figure out where they drop off.
  9. KNOW YOUR TOUCHPOINTS. Get to know what your customers respond to best by using different methods to reach them. When you know your average number of touchpoints & what those are, you can game out your customer journey strategy more precisely.
  10. ALWAYS HAVE A NEXT STEP. Even after a sale!

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