Are you wasting half your digital spend?

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An AlixPartners study recently found that global consumer product companies in 2018 wasted $50 billion, or more than half their digital spend, by delivering either a negative ROI, or not measuring ROI at all. Unless you have access to timely information, there is a chance that you too are wasting at least some of your spend too. 
Accessing the information you need to make decisions is not always as easy as you might hope. Reports take time to compile, and are often being compiled by different internal resources or external agencies, who lets face it, often don’t feel the same urgency to deliver insights to ensure ROI of your spend.
All this would be classed as an inconvenience, except for one very important thing – every day or week that goes by without you knowing how you are performing, is a missed opportunity to refine and align your investment in digital marketing to where you get the best results. 
You need to know what is working in real-time, so you can keep doing it, and you need to know what isn’t working so you can adapt. 
When it comes to reporting: time is literally money. 
You need a way to see what is happening in real-time and comparably, to know what works best for you across your brand awareness, engagement and conversion content and spend.

That’s why Digivizer exists

We show you how all your search and social owned, earned and paid media are performing in real time, so you actually see what is happening on your timeline, not just when a report comes in post campaign or reporting period..
We recently launched Digivizer Express – so now every week we deliver these insights straight to your inbox. All you have to do is open an email first up Monday morning to see how your previous week’s owne, earned and paid activities performed period on period. Seeing things at a glance to know whether you need to explore or change direction so you can get more from your digital spend. We call it ‘Glance Marketing’..because you can get all the information you need at a glance. And those receiving Digivizer Express, have driven a 200%+ increase in the number of actions they took post receiving this weekly insights. 

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We don’t want to make you work harder, just your marketing budget.  

And then if you want to explore more deeply you can go into the platform itself and sort the best performing content by objective, to see what is really working for you in detail and over any period of time.
Until the 31st December only, you can sign up to Digivizer for just US$45* per month. Fixed cost for life. And it comes with a free monthly strategy session and digital marketing support.

Watch our Express video: An express look at Digivizer Express: real-time insights delivered to your inbox

Sign up for free NOW.
If you do sign up, you’ll know how your digital marketing is performing each week in way less time than it took you to read this. 
We look forward to helping you. 

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