The 5 Levers To Pull in Every Marketing Campaign

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Think of a digital marketing campaign as a machine for traveling from where you are now to where you want to be.

It needs to be serviced, you need a real-time navigation system, you need to know your ultimate destination, and you need to be able to accommodate obstructions, route changes, road closures.

And it can be a machine of any size. If you’re a large corporation, by all means, use a jet. If you’re a lean startup with few resources, you might use a bicycle. But the principles remain the same. What changes are complexity, costs, and resources.

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Like any machine, there are levers to pull – to allow you to accelerate or change direction, that maximize the returns on the investments you’re making in resources and budget, and to measure the performance of your digital marketing campaign.

And machines need lubrication to ensure they run smoothly, without friction. In digital marketing, this is data – which allows you to move the right levers smoothly, in the right order, with confidence. (If you drive a manual car and try to change gears without moving levers in the right sequence, you’ll know what this sounds like).

The 5 Levers To Pull in Every Marketing Campaign

Here are the five essential levers in a marketing campaign – and how using data makes them easier to pull:

  1. Audience: use data to understand where your audiences are, the conversations they have, and their attitudes towards your company and brand. Use insights from social media to understand the influences on your audiences. Be clear about their different intentions – where they are in their journey from discovery to purchaser, and then to advocate. And use your digital marketing programs to test and refine these early assumptions – and convert them into definitive market intelligence.
  2. Platforms: the beauty of digital marketing is the platform segmentation it offers. The challenge is managing the performance of your marketing across multiple platforms. Start by creating a presence on all the social media accounts to understand the dynamics of your audiences. By all means, make assumptions about the role of each platform, and the profiles of those in them – providing you test those assumptions with short-term, low-cost digital marketing programs. Then integrate social with digital to extend and complete the picture.
  3. Creative: As you start pulling your digital marketing levers, you can start to refine and optimize your program. Audience and platforms influence content and how you do your creative work. Each platform should have content optimized for it, with obvious examples being Instagram and YouTube. But content cut-through can differ from program to program, so measure and track content performance within platforms and across platforms to ensure you’re always presenting the messages you seek to communicate in ways that resonate with and engage audiences.
  4. Calls to action: you’ve spent resources and budget to arrive at your destination, and you’ve pulled your digital marketing levers in the right sequence to get there faster. Don’t forget to tell your audience what you want them to do. Give purpose to the journey.
  5. Nurture: Any visit worth the effort demands repeat journeys. Nurture leads through the digital marketing and sales engagement funnel. Once your prospects become customers, continue your engagement with them to turn them into fans and advocates. For example, at Digivizer we have recently started a structured, formal survey of all our clients to ensure we’re delivering on their objectives, that we understand their business, that we’re across new opportunities, and be confident that our pitch and tone with each client are set at the right levels.

As with all machines, more levers deliver more options for faster traction. They also deliver more complexity. These five levers will always kick-start your digital marketing.

* Contributed by Alan Smith, Head of Strategic Business Communications At Digivizer
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