Understanding your digital performance at a glance is now a reality

No-one wants to spend hours trying to understand their performance – whether the investment they are making is in content, engaging influencers or in paid media.

You want to know quickly whether what you are doing is delivering you what you need and had hoped for.

Digivizer now makes it easy with an at-a-glance – literally within milliseconds – of every social and search media channel across owned, earned and paid – all in ONE single overview.

This new Performance Summary feature saves you hours and hours of trying to understand what is working for you and what you have gained in any period, and it is available now.

You can see the most important high level view of all my social and search media performance at a glance.

You can see at a glance your individual social channel performance and shape of acquisition of new followers across all and the engagements you have achieved and how that compares period on period.

All metrics are available per channel if a Business Page, and for all engagements if it is your personal account.

You can see your total Followers and your Total engagements for the period and if I want to understand why something is not performing so well you can investigate quickly by clicking through.

You are able to see, for the time period selected, the number of posts and the number of engagements earned for that period and who has posted most about you (either tagged us or used a hashtag you care about).

You can easily see that when you have visitors, or when your team are out and about, their content is seen more by others than anything else.

You can easily click through to see all earned content (anyone else posting about you) in that period by engagement,

You can click through to understand exactly what campaign, ad set or ad is doing better or worse for you in that period.

Having all your digital social and search information in a single glance, for any period and how it has performed to the previous period arms you with the confidence to continuously improve your content knowing what is working for you and where to focus. It makes reporting easy saving hours and hours of your time.

Get more ROI from your investment in Digital. Know immediately what is working for you.

Book a demo, log in or even better, start a new account TODAY. You will immediately see 30 days of data and have 30 further days free of charge. Plus if you are spending in paid media, you can book a monthly free digital strategy session, custom to you.