How To See Which Pages On Your Site Perform Best

In Top Pages, you’ll be able to easily identify which pages of your website perform best on web traffic metrics. The 2020 Digital Experience Benchmark report analyzed over 7 billion user sessions and found users spend on average only 62 seconds viewing a website – that means even if you’re gaining traffic, you still have the challenge of making sure every page of your website is optimized to engage a visitor for as long as possible in order to convert them. By understanding the pages that are best performing for web traffic, you can easily identify what content, layout, and products resonate with your customers, draw the most traffic, keep visitors engaged and encourage them to further explore your site.

The Digivizer platform provides all the features you need to optimize your web traffic. It’s designed to be simple to use, simple to understand, and provide all the insights you need to make decisions quickly and with confidence. Discover how Digivizer delivers affordable, usable real-time insights.

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