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Attract quality web traffic to your site, improve your website ranking and optimize your SEO.

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Measure your web performance accurately

  • Connect GA4, Google Search Console and Google Universal Analytics
  • See traffic source, search queries, revenue and goals
  • Measure website performance with 99% accuracy
  • Use insights to design effective web strategies

I love that real-time data is available that allows us to measure growth in our channels, engagement, lead generation and event registrations.


Google Analytics

Google Ads

Google Analytics 4

Google Search Console






Amazon Ads


Microsoft Ads

See which search terms are driving your web traffic

  • Know which search queries you are winning on and where you’re missing out
  • Use Search insight to monitor your SERP daily
  • Build a comprehensive SEO strategy
  • Boost click-through rates
  • Convert search terms into sales

Social and search lets (us) better understand customer needs and respond accordingly. Plus it grows my business.

Accurately track from traffic source to conversion

  • Drill down to best performing referral source including email
  • Know what’s driving web traffic and top performing web pages
  • Analyze page views, rankings, session times and exit percentage
  • Build an effective content roadmap

Digivizer platform makes everything so simple! 10 out of 10.

Search data at your fingertips

Platform screenshot of Digivizer's Search Query Tracking feature
  • Track ranking search terms over time
  • Quickly identify the organic search opportunities your business should add to its content strategy
  • Generate web traffic with search query research, including search impressions, click-throughs, search page ranking position and position change
  • Track your performance against these metrics over time to measure the impact of your SEO investment
  • No need for expensive tools with limited usage or expert search knowledge

I love that I can see exactly what potential buyers are searching for and what is driving my engagements, conversions and costs.

Jam-packed with valuable insights

  1. Share transparent and real-time digital marketing results and insights easily across all your stakeholders.
  2. Play to win in search – see how you rank in Google and what makes people click with deep search engine marketing analytics.
  3. Digivizer Express sends you and your team weekly and monthly reports to get started!
  4. Pricing & plans that are built to scale. Monthly payments. No contract. Upgrade as you grow or cancel anytime.
  5. Share the digital marketing analytics dream – inviting anyone into your Brand Space to build trust, be transparent and bring digital marketing governance.

Why our customers love Digivizer

It's easy to get started.

Connect your digital marketing channels to your Brand Space.

Invite your team and stakeholders to your Brand Space.

Analyze cross-channel data to create real insights.

Create digital marketing reports in a couple of clicks.

Build a historical data archive for deeper insights and smarter marketing.

Get insights straight to your inbox with automated weekly reports.

Choose the plan that suits you, your team, agency or enterprise.

All of our plans include 30 days of historical data downloaded in under a minute. You can start with Digivizer Free Plan or if you are collaborating or want to share with others, select any paid plan that offers a 30 day free trial period. Upgrade as you grow or cancel anytime as plans work on a month by month basis with no lock in period.

Pay annually and save 15%



For anyone wanting to understand the value of digital marketing insights
US$ 0 forever free
  • 1 User
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 3 Social, Paid or Web Accounts
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Web performance insights
  • 1 Top Search Query Tracked
  • Social media mentions
  • Monitor 1 Hashtag
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Chat support
  • Help Center docs and videos


For start-up businesses, small teams and creators wanting to harness real-time insights for growth
US$ 19 per month, billed monthly
  • 3 Users
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 6 Social, Paid or Web Accounts
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • Web Performance Insights
  • Track Up To 1 Additional Search Query
  • Social Media Mentions
  • Monitor 1 Hashtag
  • Weekly And Monthly Reports
  • PDF Period-On-Period Reporting
  • Chat Support
  • Help Centre Docs And Videos

For Teams

For growing teams focused on building more together
US$ 89 per month, billed monthly
  • 6 Users
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 20 Social, paid or web accounts
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Web performance insights
  • Track up to 3 Additional Search Queries
  • Social media mentions
  • Monitor 1 Hashtag
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • PDF Period-on-Period Reporting
  • Chat support
  • Help Center docs and videos
  • Optional Onboarding and Training

For Brands

For companies wanting to engage their entire marketing ecosystem, grow brand health and create strategies for growth
US$ 379 per month, billed monthly
  • Unlimited users
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 20 Social, paid or web accounts
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Web performance insights
  • Track up to 15 Additional Search Queries
  • Social media mentions
  • Track up to 6 Influencers
  • Monitor up to 10 Hashtags
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • PDF Period-on-Period Reporting
  • Chat support
  • Help Center docs and videos
  • Optional Onboarding and Training
  • Quarterly insights sessions
Are you an Enterprise? Talk to us about upgrading your account to add more Brand Spaces, increase the number of social media, search engine, paid media, and website analytics accounts connected. Plus add tracking of influencers and more hashtag social listening options.

Need to know more? Explore some helpful information here:

Register for one our 30-minute discovery webinars for an introduction to Digivizer. Learn how you can save time & money by accessing all your digital marketing analytics in one platform.

The most important web performance analytics include your traffic volume, a number of users and the number of new users, traffic source, search rankings and biggest movements, top pages, revenue, transactions, bounce rates and other website health metrics like pages per session, how long they stay on your site and pages and how fast and many actions do they take per page.  All these features have been summarized to make it easy to see and make decisions within Digivizer.

Digivizer has also improved the accuracy of Traffic Source to 99% accuracy (from Google Analytics 37%) by using a real-time classifier to identify all potential platform referral sources.

This makes it easy to understand which social platform – whether organic or paid, which referrer (and by whom), which email or how much organic search, paid search, or direct website URL traffic is coming to your website and achieving your goals and revenue.  You can see how many users, new users, goals, and revenue are achieved by the platform source.

Digivizer supports Google Analytics, Search Console, and GA4You will receive 30 days of historical website analytics data as soon as you sign up for your 30-day free trial and connect your Google Analytics.

Digivizer provides all the features you need to optimize to receive more web traffic. It’s designed to be simple to use and understand while providing all the insights you need to make smart decisions.

The key strategy inputs to build for more website traffic are-

  1. Know where your web traffic is coming from with Traffic Source
  2. Know how you rank with Search Queries 
  3. Identify your top-performing web pages with Top Pages 
  4. Understand your page health

To gain more web traffic, Google and other search engines reward those websites with traffic that most closely matches a search query (the natural language someone uses when they search).  They will look for where you are ranked, how relevant is your copy to matching the search query, how up-to-date it is, how many people have referenced or linked to your page, and overall how many people stay on your page.

Hence you want to understand and align your content to match the search queries, and ensure the health of each page – ensure it loads quickly, and people stay and take action on that page. 

All these insights are available in easy-to-understand and explore features in Digivizer.

You can easily see and understand which of your website pages perform best through our Top Pages feature.

What is Top Pages?

Top Pages shows you which pages on your website perform best ranked by their average session time, page views, bounce rate and exit percentage. Users spend on average only 62 seconds viewing a website – that means even if you’re gaining traffic, you still have the challenge of making sure every page of your website is optimized to engage a visitor for as long as possible in order to convert them.

What does Top Pages tell me?

By understanding which pages that are best performing for web traffic, you can easily identify what content, layout, and products resonate with your audience. Each column highlights a different metric; page views tells you how many people are visiting, Avg. Time on Page tells you how long they spend on the pag, Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions with no interaction and Exit Rate is how often users leave your site when they leave a page.

Get valuable updates on particular goals by clicking on any of the metrics outlined above to filter results. You can find the overall average of your page performance in the bottom darker gray bar.


Many business owners struggle to understand the importance of web traffic. It can be difficult to know why visitors are coming to your site, through which channels, and what happens when they arrive. Developing new strategies for driving greater organic and paid traffic can feel like pulling gold out of thin air! The good news? You can measure all of this with Digivizer’s analytics tools. 

Web traffic is the number of visits to your website from web-connected devices. These visitors are often referred to as sessions. Understanding the duration of each visit is important. This metric can be used to measure customer interest in your products and services through analytics tools like Digivizer!

In Traffic Source, you can see an up-to-date ranking of all the ‘sources’ of web traffic that are driving people to your business – from search pages to social media channels, by source type – paid or organic – and filtered by how many visitors have clicked on your website directly.

By understanding which platforms are driving the most traffic, you can make informed decisions based on where your most engaged consumers exist. This makes it easier to invest your time, energy, and resources into the platforms that serve you best! You can also expand each traffic source row to see a granular view of which particular campaigns, referrals, or projects delivered traffic. Got particular traffic goals for your company? Sort by e-commerce transactions or filter by your web traffic goals!

Watch our introduction to measuring and understanding your web analytics:

Digivizer’s Search Queries feature, shows you what search queries are driving all your organic clicks to your website, in other words, what people are actually typing into Google and searching for, how many clicks and what share of this volume is available to you,  and what position or ranking your business shows up on their search page. 

This allows you to:

  • See all your page rankings from best to worst against search queries, and how this is changing by movements over any period of time.  
  • Sort by where your biggest movements  in your SERP are (Search Engine Results Page).
  • See where opportunities exist by volume of search queries to build your content strategy.
  • See where you can maintain the best position, or identify where little but some competition exists to bump with paid media to win the first slot.
  • Sort by impression volume to see what volumes exist around your customer or prospect natural language search that Google deems your site is able to answer.
  • Search by the term that may best match your product or service solution – see all relevant terms and volume to help you build your content strategy.
  • You have all the insights you need to build a content strategy around the search queries and keywords that you’d like to win.

All this plus more is part of the standard plan with Digivizer


Unleash Your Marketing Potential with Digivizer

Harness actionable insights from all your web, social, search, organic, earned and paid media. No complex setups or extravagant costs – just immediate, straightforward clarity.