Supercharge your paid media strategy

Boost paid advertising performance and maximize your ROAS.

Get cross-platform paid search advertising and paid social media  performance metrics including impressions, link clicks, conversions, spend, ROAS and lead forms and do more of what is delivering your objectives.

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Get maximum value from your paid advertising spend

  • Connect Meta Ads (Facebook, Instagram), YouTube, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, Amazon Ads and Microsoft Ads
  • Analyze period-on-period creative performance across all campaigns
  • Find the most relevant keywords for every paid ad campaign
  • See and optimize paid ads across every channel instantly

“With Digivizer it is so easy to connect all our social and paid accounts, and get a total end-to-end view of all our key performance metrics. 10/10 for value.”


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Drive campaign management with accurate data

  • Follow the naming conventions and measure goals in each stage of the marketing funnel
  • Use an up-to-date overview to keep an eye on budgets, conversions, ROAS and other important metrics
  • See best performing content by ad sets, adverts and platform level
  • Filter for key metrics like conversions, ROAS and lead forms

“Our best revenue in 4 years, thanks to Digivizer real-time insights. Web revenue increased 117%, ROAS was up 324% and web transactions 83%, giving me confidence to make digital investment decisions.”

Discover intelligent insights

  • Create a single source of truth for all of your paid social media and search advertising 
  • Connect up to 20 accounts across social media, search and web 
  • Click to filter your view to compare cross channel data
  • Discover which referral sources are driving traffic with highest accuracy

“I love that I can see exactly what potential buyers are searching for, and what is driving my engagements, conversions and costs”

Jam packed with valuable insights

1. Visualize paid media insights – present data visually to make it easy to understand campaign performance and the results of optimizations, or sort and graph by impressions, engagements and other filters.

2. Share the paid media analytics dream – invite anyone into your brand space to build trust, be transparent and bring digital marketing governance to paid social media and search advertising.

3. Everyone’s a winner – Digivizer makes it super easy for everyone who works on content to see how you are optimizing and winning in paid search including all key content creators, copywriters, digital marketing managers, paid media managers, web and analytics managers.

4. SaaS plans that are built to scale – Monthly payments. No contract. Upgrade as you grow or cancel anytime.

5. Digivizer Express to you – A weekly insights report across owned, earned, paid and web media  delivered to you and your team ready to start your week!

Why our customers love Digivizer

It's easy to get started.

Connect your digital marketing channels to your Brand Space.

Invite your team and stakeholders to your Brand Space.

Analyze cross-channel data to create real insights.

Create digital marketing reports in a couple of clicks.

Build a historical data archive for deeper insights and smarter marketing.

Get insights straight to your inbox with automated weekly reports.

Choose the plan that suits you, your team, agency or enterprise.

All of our plans include 30 days of historical data downloaded in under a minute. You can start with Digivizer Free Plan or if you are collaborating or want to share with others, select any paid plan that offers a 30 day free trial period. Upgrade as you grow or cancel anytime as plans work on a month by month basis with no lock in period.

Pay annually and save 15%



For anyone wanting to understand the value of digital marketing insights
US$ 0 forever free
  • 1 User
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 3 Social, Paid or Web Accounts
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Web performance insights
  • 1 Top Search Query Tracked
  • Social media mentions
  • Monitor 1 Hashtag
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Chat support
  • Help Center docs and videos


For start-up businesses, small teams and creators wanting to harness real-time insights for growth
US$ 19 per month, billed monthly
  • 3 Users
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 6 Social, Paid or Web Accounts
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • Web Performance Insights
  • Track Up To 1 Additional Search Query
  • Social Media Mentions
  • Monitor 1 Hashtag
  • Weekly And Monthly Reports
  • PDF Period-On-Period Reporting
  • Chat Support
  • Help Centre Docs And Videos

For Teams

For growing teams focused on building more together
US$ 89 per month, billed monthly
  • 6 Users
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 20 Social, paid or web accounts
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Web performance insights
  • Track up to 3 Additional Search Queries
  • Social media mentions
  • Monitor 1 Hashtag
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • PDF Period-on-Period Reporting
  • Chat support
  • Help Center docs and videos
  • Optional Onboarding and Training

For Brands

For companies wanting to engage their entire marketing ecosystem, grow brand health and create strategies for growth
US$ 379 per month, billed monthly
  • Unlimited users
  • 1 Brand Space
  • 20 Social, paid or web accounts
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Web performance insights
  • Track up to 15 Additional Search Queries
  • Social media mentions
  • Track up to 6 Influencers
  • Monitor up to 10 Hashtags
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • PDF Period-on-Period Reporting
  • Chat support
  • Help Center docs and videos
  • Optional Onboarding and Training
  • Quarterly insights sessions
Are you an Enterprise? Talk to us about upgrading your account to add more Brand Spaces, increase the number of social media, search engine, paid media, and website analytics accounts connected. Plus add tracking of influencers and more hashtag social listening options.

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When you’re running ads on paid social media and search engines, you have to know what you’re spending your money on, and which ads are delivering the results you need. You can do just that with the Paid Performance tab in Digivizer using the following features:

  • Date Picker – use the date picker to narrow down (or expand!) the data you’re seeing
  • Filter Bar – see your data by platform, active campaigns, inactive campaigns and objectives
  • Campaigns Data Graph – get a visual representation of how your paid media campaigns perform
  • Paid Performance Table – view data across platform, campaign, adset and ad level

You can change filters and the date range in order to customize the data you’re seeing in the table as well as the graph!

Digivizer uses the objectives you’ve set on your paid media campaigns in each channel’s ad manager to determine which conversion values to show. Once you’ve connected your accounts to Digivizer you can view each platform against the filters you choose down to individual adverts. This lets you compare content and creative against conversions, like-for-like across platforms, to identify which content performs best.

When you’re running paid social and paid search asa, you need to know how much revenue you’re earning in relation to how much you’re spending and know which campaign or ad is working best for you. How many dollars have you earned compared to ad dollars you’ve spent?

Now you can see the answer instantly. Digivizer has a ROAS or Return on Ad Spend metric that enables you to compare platform, campaign or ad – for every dollar you spend, what the number of dollars are that it converts to on your site. ROAS is calculated by dividing your Conversion Value by your Spend. If you see a value of 2.3, for example, that means you’re getting $2.30 back for every $1 you spend on ads. You can see your ROAS on the Overview screen and in the Paid Performance Table.

In the Paid Performance Table on Digivizer you can see all your paid media data organized into platforms including:

🤝 Meta (including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger)

🤝 Google (including Search, Display, Shopping, YouTube & Discovery)

🤝 Linkedin

🤝 Twitter

🤝 Amazon 

🤝 TikTok for Business

The Paid Performance Table can be further broken down into:

  • Campaigns – where you can see every individual campaign you’re running in your chosen date period. The first column in the table will still reflect which platform the campaign is on, while the second is the name of the campaign.
  • Adsets – where you can see every adset (group of ads) in the campaigns you’re running. Again, the first column in the table will still reflect which platform the campaign is on, while the second is the name of the adset.
  • Adverts – where you can see every single ad you’re running. Again, the first column in the table will still reflect which platform the campaign is on, while the second is the name of the ad.

Each column in the table can be sorted from highest to lowest, and vice versa. The first two columns stay fixed as you scroll, so you don’t lose track of which platform, campaign, adset or ad you’re looking at. This gives you like-for-like comparisons across channel data and insights, letting you see which performs best (and worst).

Get a complete view of your paid social and paid search analytics by platform, campaign, adset, right down to individual ads in a single view. See like-for-like comparisons of what drives best cost-per-outcome to identify where to spend to get greater ROI.

With Digivizer you can use the datepicker to quickly select a date range and then use the filter option on any of the reports to focus on specific metrics including:

  1. Paid spend on engagement to CPM, CPE, Link Clicks, CTR, CPC and conversion rates
  2. Spend vs conversion rate across campaign, adset or advert to optimize faster and avoid wasting budget.
  3. Paid social and search performance metrics across all your favorite channels

ROAS is not just another one of those marketing acronyms you’ll never use. “Return on Ad Spend” – ROAS – is super important for businesses engaging in digital advertising, such as ecommerce businesses. It helps you understand your profit margin in relation to your advertising efforts.

For digital marketers and business owners who need to keep track of every dollar spent on their online advertising and marketing campaigns, ROAS is very handy. It’s basically a shortcut to knowing if you’re making or losing money on your ads.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which channels are the best use of your marketing efforts. By keeping track of your ROAS metrics across multiple channels like social media and Google, you can know in real-time where your ads are reaching your customers and encouraging them to take action. Then you can focus on fixing areas that need improvement, and doubling down on your successes.

In the Digivizer platform, you can see the ROAS of every stage of your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google, right down to the campaign, adset and advert levels. That way you know exactly which ads are delivering results in relation to the budget spent.

By using insights drawn from the platform, one of our current customers went from negative ROAS to 12 in under 12 months.

Paid search is the purchase and placement of advertising on search engines results pages (SERP) of search engines like Google, Microsoft Ads and Amazon Ads.

There are three main elements of paid search: Keywords, Ads, and Landing pages. You nominate a list of keywords that relate to what you’re advertising; your ads will be displayed when people search for those keywords. When searchers click on your ads, the ads direct them to your landing pages.

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